Towel warmers in S. Fla.

last year

So I am remodeling an area that will be a Granny Suite, thinking ahead on all things that will come in handy. I am researching now, "towel warmers". I see the subject is vast. I like the look of the wall racks (modern design) but hear about Warming drawers also. My concern, we have to cool our homes 85% of the year, we rarely see cold temperatures anymore. I really don't want something that is going to warm the room up to an uncomfortable temperature and fight with the a/c. But, you want toasty towels. My Mom enjoys a cool room now but I know that can change as she ages. So maybe that feature would be a good one. Also with the walk in tub, it was mentioned there is an extended length of time before one can get out of the tub till the water drains (I hear they are improved now with filling and draining) and becoming cold is an issue so the snuggly warm towel sounds like a nice thing to wrap up in while you are waiting. I have purchased the BB&B plug in towel warmers and they just don't get hot at all, I would hate to purchase something that was a repeat of that performance. I would love some feedback. BTW she will have a zero entry large walk in shower as well so she will have a choice.

  1. What kind of towel warmers should I be looking for?
  2. What brands would you suggest?
  3. Is there an ideal temperature range?
  4. Do you leave the towel warmer rack on 24H? Our towels dry overnight by themselves in the A/C so thats not an issue we deal with in this state.
  5. What am I looking or in a warming drawer?
  6. What temperature do you put on the warmer for towels?
  7. How long does it take to warm up the towels in a drawer?
  8. How do you know if the warming drawer is safe to put towels in?
  9. Is fire a possibility with the drawer?

Thank you all for sharing your experiance and advice.

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