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Favorite (updated) Double Ovens

January 11, 2019

What double-oven - current models please - do you all use and love?

Had a Thermador double oven for last 16 years and loved it! Had to replace because the computer was finally failing.

Did research and new Thermador was $7k. Went with a Dacor Heritage instead because it was as large inside, both ovens convection, looked right for my kitchen and appliance guy at a reputable showroom it was what he would purchase. Couldn't get much input from Houzz/Gardenweb so I bought it for $5300.

It arrived/was installed with the top door uneven against bottom door due to a bent hinge. The showroom got a replacement from Dacor, but as it stands, I have not had even one thing cook evenly in either oven, the temperature is completely unreliable when it supposed to be at a certain temp, and both oven lights went out within days of each other and I had only had it for 4 weeks.

Was holding off on taking the Dacor replacement oven until I heard back from Dacor themselves..but that was a week ago and so I'm not impressed. I'm sick of having to rotate food in order to attempt for even cooking...ridiculous.

Should I just pay the price Thermador is gouging customers with? Bosch is a great value (have one in a cottage) but it really looks bad in my kitchen and I don't love the settings.

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  • wekick

    Do these ovens have the elements under glass?

  • ccwatters

    Yes, the broilers do.

  • afcgirl

    We just had the Wolf Professional double oven installed (with the red knobs). It looks beautiful and has an amazing "gourmet" feature that practically cooks food itself. I have not used it yet though because we still have no sink or dishwasher. Wolf has three double oven styles, professional, transitional and modern, so you can pick the style that best fits your kitchen. They are all beautiful, but pricey (around 8k?). We also considered Thermador and Miele. If you have the money I think all three brands are worth the extra expense and are good for resale.

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  • ccwatters

    I love my Wolf cooktop, have had it for almost 16 years.

    I'm going to have to head back to the appliance store tomorrow, ugh. ...going to look at the Wolf and the Professional Series Thermador.

  • wekick

    I had a Dacor range and wall oven some time ago with elements under glass that was unable to keep a set temperature. The temperature swing was +/- 150 F. The door on the wall oven was on crooked too and it had trouble with the blue interior enamel chipping. I let them replace ovens, doors and computer boards for 6 mos and then they bought them back. They later changed the programming to make the swing +/-50F which is still ridiculous.

    I replaced the range with a Wolf DF because they had the reputation of standing behind their products but it too at 4.5 years old had issues with the blue enamel chipping. If you google or research on this forum, you will find that Wolf has had a 10 year history of the blue enamel chipping in their wall ovens and DF ranges. The prevalence of the issue is unknown but posters here have gone through 3 ovens. There are some class action lawsuits over this issue With some people going through many ovens. If asked Wolf will say we don't know anything about it or it was a problem a long time ago that was fixed. They talk people into giving them more money to upgrade, only to have the problem again. The M oven was designed with a removable bottom so it is easier to fix. They will fix it during the warranty but mine at 4.5 yrs was out of warranty so they would not tell me how much to fix it, only that it would start at $800 and the new liner would only be guaranteed for a year. I still use the oven but no convection and the food must be covered to avoid shards of enamel that might fly around. One poster here cut their hand on the enamel.

    I also have an Electrolux wall oven which I love the way it functions but it too has had issues with blue enamel and error codes. It flashes an error code now but works when reset at the breaker for a few days or even weeks.

    I am looking to replace the wall oven. I am curious what you did not like about the Bosch settings. Electrolux is very flexible and the settings have been very useful for me but they have changed the oven too much. They covered the racks with blue enamel. I can't imagine that would be durable.

    I am also considering Miele and Gaggenau.

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  • Michelle wants Sophie back

    Which Bosch do you have and not care for? BSH is the parent company that owns Thermador (and Gaggenau). My back-up plan was a Bosch Benchmark if I couldn't get the previous gen Thermador Pro (agree that the pricing on the new touchpad Thermador models is excessive)

  • ccwatters

    The Bosch in my cottage is a range, and it was installed 7 years ago. I'm not sure what series it is, but it actually looks just fine in that kitchen. It is a different control panel, requiring a knob you spin through to get to settings...just a little cumbersome after being used to a straightforward touchpad (which the current Benchmark wall oven has) .

    I will say, that Bosch range does perform really well. It is very reliable for temperature too, and probably the very best value of all the ovens out there with it's performance at that very fair price point even less than the Dacor. I will likely look at it again today too...especially because I just redid an entire bathroom$

    Fisher & Paykel was another I really liked at the Dacor price point, and it was actually down between the Dacor and the Fisher Paykel when I bought the Dacor....but it may have been the crazy-super-smooth telescopic racks on the F & P oven that kept me going back to it. They glide like butter compared to all other ovens I tried. The capacity was smaller though could find NO user feedback on it anywhere, so I walked away, but I may revisit it today.

    I have decided though that I will not replace my Dacor with the replacement Dacor. Wekick's reply was the confirmation I needed about the temperature unreliability, I appreciate that input!!

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