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please help me spruce up this kitchen nook

Tina Sarvi
January 11, 2019
This breakfast nook was made 3 years ago and up Until now it never had a table. My husband always thought it was a bad idea to have a table there. I finally got one and am not quite sure how I like it. I like the style of the table but not sure of the color. When I purchased It I bought it with the intention of painting the legs white.
I was debating between a tulip table from world market And another 2 tone farmhouse table but was scared of how the tabletop color would be in real life.
How do you guys like this table in this area?
Was either of the other table a better fit?
I’ve upholstered the bench cushions myself and can easily change color and pattern if needed. I know I need some new Toss pillows with more color and perhaps a wall art to go where the current rustic wall pic collage is. I would love to incorporate some pink in the wall art.
Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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  • Tina Sarvi
    Third pic is the pic of my nook with table i bought.
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    I think it looks nice. Or the tulip table. either one. I love these little nooks.

    Off the bat, you need a nice light fixture over the table.

    Here are some photos to get you thinking:

    this one looks closest to what you have-

    love the light and the wall treatment. you can do wallpaper or a stencil.

  • Tina Sarvi
    Beth I had the recessed lights installed not too long ago. Is there anything such a faux chandelier where it just hangs for decor purposes?
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    do you have a recessed light over the table? you could easily use that, or put in a light that junctions from that box.

    maybe you could do a single pendant light?

    I suppose you could hang one and never hook it up!

    It's not mandatory to have one, but look at how nice they all look w/a light

  • Tina Sarvi
    I have 2 recessed light and neither one is centered on top of it.
  • vpierce

    It seems like it's not big enough for people to sit on all three sides to eat.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    well crap. You could swag one, but it might look odd w/the other one.

    I guess when this was done, you never thought about a hanging light?

    It's not mandatory. It's an item that finishes off the space. It looks so bare on the upper portion.

    Perhaps if you did a wall treatment (like in the first photo) it might jazz it up a bit. All depends on the style and what you want.

    You could also try a few colored pillows,

    maybe a nice orchid arrangement in the middle of the table. doing something w/the tall orchids would help eat up that vertical space.

  • wsea

    i agree with vpierce. I think this space needs An oval that extends slightly over the benches on all three sides.

  • AJ G

    I agree with the need for a hanging light fixture over the table. If you have the recessed lights and do not need it for lighting look into a candle (non electric) chandelier. I think that the cushions are good but can use some more color. I would do this with some throw pillow and more colorful artwork (though I can not see the rest of the room so hard to say what color etc.)

  • abbycat9990

    We use this nook a lot. I am lounging there now, with a tablet, and two cats snuggled up for naps. You can convert a can light to a pendant, and swag it to the center. Or, get a cute capiz pendant and hang between the cans. A square or rectangular table might fit better. Our benches were installed by the previous owners, but our little table (family heirloom) works great.

  • Laura Hill
    Like either table, but the tulip table might be more practical since it affords more leg room...
  • Rachel Lee
    Keep the table and paint either the top or the legs white and distress. Find a candle chandelier and hang it centered.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Wrong table for this configuration. Should be almost square like the shape of spot. Pedestal is best for banquette type seating. If you keep the table you have, don’t paint it. Find a great centerpiece for it along with large colorful artwork on that wall to the right. I pendant over the table would be ideal but if you can’t do that a wall mounted lamp that could swing over the table would be cool.
  • Laura

    The table color is nice, but it is too small. You need it to hang over the edge of the seating to be usable.

  • arcy_gw

    It doesn't fit. With all that seating more than two people should be able to sit and eat there. If you are set on round you will never maximize our seating/eating ratio but you should do better than two.

  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Some concepts. The square table would allow people seated to reach table. Bigger colorful art would instantly cozy up the space. Pic a theme. I chose a French Bistro theme but you can pick.
  • hutchae84
    I like both tables but I also vote square for your space especially since it looks like you have two little ones. I recently got a rectangle tulip table (similar to your world market one) and the shape is really nice for the kids to have more space to do puzzles, color, etc. It also allows for our whole family to fit there as well.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Table 42” square might work. Measure from edge of cushion to edge across.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Tina- if you have a recessed can light over table area, you can get conversion kits to hang a regular pendant. Might want to think about that. I can’t remember if Beth or others mentioned that or not.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Here is one example. From Home depot
  • Tina Sarvi
    Flo yes I’m aware of the conversion kits for that. The problem is I have 2 recessed lights that aren’t centered above the table and I would not rather have the light chain swag.
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan
    Oh. Nuts. Haha. Since you have wires up there now shouldn’t be too big a deal to put in junction box for pendant.
  • tartanmeup

    The advantage of no pendant is the sight line to any artwork you pick won't be interrupted. :) I love pink and would find toss cushions that incorporate some of the artwork colours. Whatever art you find might tempt you to recover your seat cushions. Since you can do it yourself, it's not as daunting a project.

    I think a strong argument has been made for a rectangular table to better fit the seating. I'd go with white but that's my preference.

  • imacamper

    You need a bigger table and more color!

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