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Begonia id needed

January 16, 2019

I purchased this begonia a couple of months ago from a local greenhouse. They had received the plant from a friend of theirs and did not actually know what type of begonia it is. The only advice they had for me is that the plant seems to love sun (even in a south facing window) and tolerates irregular watering.

So far I've repotted it into well draining soil and kept it in a west facing window where it seems to be doing well, but I would like to know more about it so I can give it the proper care it needs.

Does anyone know what it is?


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  • hc mcdole

    No idea. There are so many begonias that look alike and some were never given a name. The hairy petioles reminds me of Immense and Cachuma but the leaf shape is neither of those two mentioned.

    Go to the international database of begonias and go through hundreds (maybe thousands of photos) to see if you can find a match. Also the Astro Branch of the ABS has a lot of photos too (with a lot of broken links as well).

    Here is Immense:

    and Cachuma as examples:

  • sd2102

    Ah, going through thousands of photos would take forever! No wonder they had not figured out what this plant is.

    I'll dig around when I have some time, but I'm going to assume I'll never know what it is exactly. Oh well.

  • hc mcdole

    I know what you mean. If it has no name and no unique visual clues, then it becomes very difficult for anyone to ID.

    You could do a background check on say Cachuma to find its parents then go from there. That is if the parents are in the database.

  • Rhamel Bynum

    Begonia ricinifolia

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