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Hosta N 2018 ....

Ns for today. I cannot believe we are this far along.

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  • Saija

    Just one



  • Beth (5b - Mid-Michigan)

    Paula love you jokes brings a smile to my morning face.

    Only one N for me

    Night Before Christmas, had it in more shade and it was slug bait moved it to more sun. NBC loves this spot with a little morning sun.

  • sunnywood 5aChazyNY

    Not many N’s

    Nancy Gill


    Niagra Falls

    Night Before Christmas

    Northern Exposure

  • newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

    Only one for me. Took this picture mid October. Not bad looking for that late in the season.

    Love the salt joke, Paula!


  • steve duggins - Ohio

    I love the soft green on Neptune before it turns blue and then finishes dark green. Early May

    End of May

    Mid July

    Night Shift (end of June)

    I think this one really needs the right exposure to be at its best, so it will most likely be moved a few times. In mid July after perhaps too much sun. We'll see how it does next year here in more shade:

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    Nice N's especially Neptune. Karin - Nancy is a real standout!

    Only one N pic for me. I have NBC & NE to plant.

    Niagara Falls

  • sandyslopes z5b n. UT

    Neptune ....sorry about the hard water spots.

    "Ns" are scarce so how about a group shot. Smile hostas!

  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    sandyslopes the Hostas were smiling & so was I, what a gorgeous pic of your garden!

  • mbug_gw

    One and only.....

    Night before Christmas

  • Beth (5b - Mid-Michigan)

    Sandyslopes what a beautiful shot of your garden, love how you placed everything.

  • windymess z6a KC, Ks

    Sandy - what the others said! Very pretty!

    I have only one N - Night Before Christmas - but no good pictures. It was attacked by rabbits... the Minuteman tried to save it, but he was too late and they overpowered him. Both are still in therapy.

  • hostas_for_barb

    Paula I love your math jokes (I'm a math tutor)! I'll have to save that pic.

  • mountainy man z8 Ireland

    Niagara Falls


  • old_dirt

    Beth, my NBC is also a slug magnet and looks like carp by the end of the year.

    Night Before Christmas


    Noah's Rainbow, I guess reverted back to Green Gold. Supposed to be a streaker but never was. What are the odds of it ever re-sporting?

  • ConnieMay

    Mountainy man - Nigrescens - just wow!

    Sunnywood- Nancy Gill is awesome!

    I think this is the only “N” I have...and it’s been neglected....I need to find a better spot for it.

    Northern Exposure

  • nicholsworth Z6 Indianapolis

    I think Night Before Christmas was here when I moved in..the light centers were fragile..they would have holes and rips..I gave them to a neighbor..she's never said how they're doing..no N's for me..I like the Neptunes and Nigrescens..

  • sandyslopes z5b n. UT

    peren.all, Beth, and windymess, thanks for the kind words about my group shot. That many hostas in one place equals happiness. :-)

    Wow, mm/Denis, you've mastered growing hostas in pots. They're getting so BIG!

  • Tiddisolo Wales UK

    It seems I have six starting with N.

    Here's the only picture I took.



  • peren.all Zone 5a Ontario Canada

    Denis as soon as N came up I was looking forward to seeing your nigrescens - it is incredible! NF is no slouch either. Very impressive!

  • Karin Black Cat

    Dave, I never heart of Nemesis, interesting name for a hosta...but it's nice :-) Does it get green in summer?

  • Tiddisolo Wales UK

    Karin, yes it does get a bit darker, more a deep gold if kept in the shade.

    It's one of a number of Star Trek themed plants from Dirk Dupré.

    Your Neelix is also one of his.


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