Need clarification on how to take cutting from Monstera philodenderon

last year

I have read about every site/ post and viewed many videos,but none relate to the plants from which I am trying to take a cutting. There are no thin green stems with two or three leaves as shown on line. Instead there is a big, thick 5” tan trunk with only the “eyes” where previous leaves were. These plants are growing outside in zone 9, and are obviously old. Thick trunks grew in several directions out from the mother plant and each started a cluster of 8to 12 huge leaves about 3 to 4 feet from mother plant. I cut off one of these secondary plants. There are air roots, no nodes that I can see and the way the leaves grow, it is not clear where a section would be cut. Question? Do I lay the trunk on the ground, bury it in the ground, cut it in sections? How do I get this to grow?

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