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what should I do here?

February 7, 2019
When we built our home we had 10 days to decide on what we wanted our finishes to look like. We chose countertops from a slab that looked completely different. We thought our tops were going to look like the shower. But to me they’re a little yellow toneish. Now I’m looking to see what I can do to make it look better to me.

Should I paint the cabinets?

How can I make this space/bathroom look better?

I’m not savvy when it comes to decorating.


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  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    Two different products, and colors would be hard to match. However, the glass tile accent in the shower…specifically the teal, make that your wall color.

    This is Farrow & Ball Stone Blue

  • Susan Davis

    The tile is lovely, but there isn't enough of the colors in it to counteract the yellow feel in the counter.....so add more of the accent color in the tile trim; it looks grey to me but it might be teal.....just go with that color around the room and see what you think....but leave the tags on in case you need to return them....haha.....towels and a rug of course, lotion and soap bottles, art work behind the door, a clear vase to hold pretty soaps in the tones of the tile, etc......buy what you like and then just start putting it here and there in the room to see the effect....study houzz pics of bathroom staging to get some ideas....good luck.

  • Susie .
    I wouldn’t go with a dark teal in a main bath - powder room yes. SW sea salt may work with that accent tile and you existing tile and counter. It’s a nice watery color that works in a lot of situations.
  • nini804

    I’d paint the vanity. I really dislike brown & yellow together. Your shower is very pretty, and I like your orb faucet. Painting the walls sea salt would look nice, too.

  • enduring

    I'd consider saving the money and getting a new countertop down the road. It does look yellow. The walls look a pinkish white. the tiles in the shower look a slight pinkish white too. Not good with the counter top imho. But the counter does look fine with the wood vanity.

    That teal would work with the yellow I think, and the brown. I don't know if I'd go that dark, but you could repaint. I like the listello tile in the shower and it would be pretty to match the grey teal that is in there.

  • K R

    Be careful painting walls in your bath that dark. I did it and spent a lot of time redoing it. It makes it hard to see and steam from the shower leaves a faint shadowing on the walls almost like a diluted chalk drip. Even with the recommended paint for a bath from sherwin Williams. I suggest either replacing the vanity top if you absolutely hate it or embrace it and pick only colors that have NO yellow or pink under tones. Also frame your mirror either with the expense company in lots of home ads or buy a flat molding you like and 4 corner blocks that match the molding. Paint the back black so you can't see the reflection in the mirror and paint the front your trim color. It does a lot to distract the eye from the things that you don't like because it's unusual and people notice it first. Bring home all paint sample chips you like and start narrowing down to maybe 10 you think you like and play down the yellow in he counter. Tape the up and live with them for a few days. The get actual sample jars of your favorites and try them in 3 spots in the room and live with those for a few days. There are always colors that downplay tones in other colors. Just don't go to deep in color or things could take on a look of a sports team! Also if its it's a kids bathroom embrace the yellow for now and do a beach or cartoon theme. Kids would love that. I think the black cabinet is making your counter look more yellow also. Good luck and remember you don't have to figure it all out right away.

  • tenamarie123

    If you have the money, replace the counter top. Nothing else is going to help. It clashes with the all of your tile.

  • Mrs Pete

    I agree that the countertop is the problem. It's nothing special, and the color is kind of ... icky.

    Another problem: You have all these neutrals, and no real color. Because of your mixed mosaic tile, I'd choose blue ... but yes to color on the walls and in accents (towels, etc.). Though I like dark teal and like it in bathrooms, I don't think this is the place for it ... it would clash with the blue in the tile (unless lighting and monitors are making me a liar), and it would be "too much" with your dark-dark vanity.

    I like the dark vanity, but why don't you have hardware on all the drawers? I'd consider changing out the hardware to something with some pizzazz. Glass bars with ORB accents?

    Your shower tile /mixed mosaic tile is nice ... and appears to be in good condition. Of all the things in the bathroom, this is what I would NOT change. It's nice, and it would cost so much to change it.

    I like the bathtub pix on the wall ... but it seems to be the only decorative feature in the room. How about small artwork on the walls by the vanity?

    I'm looking at your floor tile ... unless it's the lighting, they seem to be a bit more "yellow" than the shower tile. Could you cover them /downplay them with really big (blue to bring out your accent tile) bath mats? Changing floor tile is expensive /difficult.

    Your mirror looks unfinished. A narrow frame around it would add a great deal.

  • Sylvia Gordon

    Can you go back to the Builder?

    That yellowish color makes me think of a thirty-year-old house, where the cultured marble has aged and discolored.

  • S J
    Thank you all for the comments so far! I definitely appreciate them. (I’m no designer by any means..so I’ve been looking desperately for help) I definitely love the choice of tile in the shower and floors as they’re the same. The countertop is what’s throwing me for a loop. I upgraded and thought they were going to be what I like and I absolutely dislike it. The cabinets are espresso. Ultimately I think I’m going to have to replace the countertop.

    I do like the sea sat paint and I thought about what’s going to happen once I take a hot hot shower.

    This is not the kids bath or the guest..it’s the master bath. But all baths are the same
  • l pinkmountain

    Surely there must be a wall color that could fool the eye and pull the shower color and sink counter color together? Problem is, I am quite bad at understanding and applying color theory . . . I know for sure it is not a high contrast color though . . . Perhaps a print wallpaper with both colors to tie them together? Or are you only wanting paint? This is a case where I might at least consider wallpaper. Your art is cute but high contrast. Perhaps another piece with more varied colors? I have found that the best cure for color clashing is to blur both colors by adding similar ones. I had a pepto bismol wall color I hated and toned it down by adding dusty rose, brown, tan, maroon, red, mustard, yellow and beige accents with a calico quilt and rag rug and lots of greenery.

    The key to downplaying the yellow is not to pick a contrasting color but to pick other colors close to it but leaning more towards the tile, like tans and browns. And some natural feature that has a whole mix across the "brown/tan/gold" spectrum. This photo is not a great example, but it shows how each feature does not have to match if you have enough going on. The fireplace is a cool tan/grey but everything else is yellowish, and yet it doesn't stand out as anachronistic because you have a broad spectrum of tans and the picture serves as a bridge. You could do the same thing in your bathroom but in reverse with colors that match the shower tile and bridge patterns/art.

    Or bite bullet and get all new countertops, depends on your budget and time tolerance.

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