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NOT Gray, what else? Help with Bath Tile

February 10, 2019

I am remodeling a master bath. I keep getting steered to grayish marble looks in every tile store I go to. I like a natural stone look, and a light bright look, but my house is overall way too warm for gray. Even the Calcutta Golds feels like I am forcing the issue. Crema Marfil that has been shown to me is too yellow. But other materials like travertine seem so dated. What are people using to get a creamy white look? I LOVE the tile in the pic below but no answer as to product.

Also, the bath is pretty big, so I can't afford real marble for the whole thing, I think I want the same material on the main floor and shower walls in a 12x24 size so likely that means porcelain. But I want something interesting on 1/2 the wall above the tub- pic below. I seem to gravitate to water jet designs which are marble,but I am again matched to gray marble looking floors to go with them!

Any ideas out there as to what to use for an off-white/cream stone look that is timeless yet still elegant? And unique accents that are not marble? Or will the Calcutta Gold look fine once its together and it just is seeming so stark because I am looking at it by itself?

Thanks ALL!

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  • apple_pie_order

    The pros often fiddle with the color balance in photos. What the photo shows may be a whole lot grayer in real life.

    A bath designer may be able to help with a cream porcelain tile and accents that are trending up instead of down.

  • mvcanada

    When I saw the floor tile in your inspiration pic it reminded me of some dolomite that I saw in a commercial setting and it was really beautiful. I found a photo, but I'm not sure it is reading well. I think it is creamy with a hint of veining, but maybe that will be too grey for your taste.

    This is a collection of ceramics and it comes in different sizes and shapes and colours.- 4 X 12, 12 X 24, plus some mosaic and my personal favourite, herringbone pattern.


    I wonder if this might work for you to come close to the picture you've shown above.

  • PRO
    Debbi Washburn

    Why not look into a Botticino forito or pearl - not as yellow as crema marfil

  • lmesfl

    I actually brought home a Dolomiti porcelain tile sample and it is 98% completely white- very little veining. So it's neutral, but I wouldn't call it warm, and sure would show all kinds of debris. I have a dog and a yard happy husband so leaning away from it. The botticino is beautiful but not sure if I can find a porcelain look-a-like.

    I know that marble is considered a classic look, but does it ever not go with a home's decor? Can you use it with warm wood adjacent floors and other warm stone around the house?

  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    I think marble goes beautifully with warm wood. I don't know about warm stone, though. Do you mean beige colors like travertine? I don't think that would work. And while bathrooms need not match, they should look cohesive.

  • lmesfl

    Ok so I must order today so it can be placed Monday! Here is what I've chosen except I need help on the accent tile.

    Option 1: beautiful, classic, but will it be too chopped up? The tub wall on the sides of the window- photo above- is only 20" and the "XO" pattern is 11" wide so you will only see 3 full shapes for most of the wall. Will that look funny? xox-oxo-xox stacked? Also, with a huge white tub, in front of a white shuttered window, with this white tile,... is there not enough contrast? The side walls of the tub and rest of bath will be painted some shade of watery blue/green. Is it going to stand out enough or just blend in so much I might as well have saved my $?

    Option 2: I've looked at this in the store for a few years. Actually I took it home for my kitchen but the decided to go with more movement in counters so this tile was out. It is beautiful glass tile and fairly neutral colors, but it does add colors and therefore dictates all the accents going forward like paint, towels, art. Less options to change out other items down the road if I get tired of one look. Plus I am hoping to stay neutral for future sale.

    I am using Dolomiti for floors in matte, that will be used on main floor and up 1/2 wall behind tub. I will use the same tile in a gloss in the shower for wall. The shower floor will be 2x2 cut from the matte tile.

    Thoughts to the questions above please?



  • lmesfl

    Oh btw above the tub window the wall peaks to a point- cant see it in the picture, but it does add a place where the "XO" pattern would be more contiguous.

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