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Looking for a bra without an underwire

February 11, 2019

I severely bruised several ribs and it has been utterly painful. I cannot bear to wear my regular underwire bra bc it pushes on the bruised ribs.

Does anyone have any suggestions where (and what brand) I could buy a bra that does not squeeze the rib area? I know there are a ton that do not have an underwire yet they do squeeze tightly in the rib area. I am at a loss. I definitely cannot be going around without a bra. My breasts are definitely too large for that.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!

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  • Faron79


    I'm NOT trying to be a "Male creep" here, but.....ouch! What did you do to your ribs!??!!? I've been lucky to never have had to put up with THAT!


  • Springroz

    you need one of those leisure bras....Target had some. I hate to hear you are injured! Heal quickly!

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  • czarinalex

    Look at the Bali Comfort Revolution line. Most are seamless and have a wide soft band around the bottom. I love them and don't wear anything else. JC Penney always has the best prices.

    Bali Comfort Fit

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  • msmeow

    I have some very comfortable Vanity Fair bras that don't have wires.


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  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b

    I just got a soft and very comfortable pull-on bra at Target, but I don't see it listed now. They do have this, tho:


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  • pennydesign

    I second the front close, although I don't have any at the moment....they tend to flatten you out less and you don't have as much side-spread that you get with the back close. At least that's been my experience...

    I, personally, can't do the pull on ones as they totally give me a panic attack trying to get them on and off.

    Right now, I have plain old Hanes that are sized S, M, L....Hubs calls them my granny bras :-p

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  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Well, if they don't fit snug around the band, they don't work as that's where 90% of the support comes from. I too am big boobed...I'd just wear an undershirt to keep warm and a loose fitting sweater or jacket and a loose scarf over top if you have to but stay comfortable and let your body heal.

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  • Fun2BHere

    You might try a support tank as the band doesn't circle you. I don't have a specific brand to suggest.

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  • Bluebell66

    Sorry you’re in pain. Soma has some nice wireless ones. I like the Enbliss - I imagine it would be comfortable with painful ribs. https://www.soma.com/store/category/wireless/cat3310020/

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  • suero

    I second the Bali Comfort Fit. A. They really fit and B. They are comfortable. I hate underwire bras, so I'm really glad to have found these. Support yes. Underwire no.

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  • Rita / Bring Back Sophie 4 Real

    I am so sorry your ribs are bruised. That is super uncomfortable. I have no advice on the bra front.

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  • Sueb20

    I have those Hanes cozy bras from Target and they are comfortable, if you are okay having to pull it on over your head.

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  • seagrass_gw

    I cracked a few ribs. Too painful to pull on a bra, but you can step into one or into a supportive camisole. I would try to find a lingerie shop for help - sometimes big department stores still have staff to help.

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  • denali2007

    I have the Embracable bra from Soma. You can see it in the link to Soma above.

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  • tinam61

    Could you manage a sports bra? Some of them are fairly supportive but a stretchy fabric that might feel better on your ribs.

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  • Delilah66

    Ouch! Sorry! I was thinking sports bra, too.

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  • whatsayyou18

    I don't have the Soma Embraceable but was looking at it the other day and it does look very, very comfortable!

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  • Saypoint 7a CT

    I don’t wear anything but the Bali Comfort Revolution wirefree bra. I buy them on amazon in different colors whenever I need more. They’re very comfortable. I found it at a local outlet, and then started ordering online once I had a model number and had tried it on. Size runs true for me.

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  • OutsidePlaying

    I just saw this and was thinking sports bra with a wide band too. One that has a regular bra fastener, not the type you pull over your head. Champion and Moving Comfort make them as do some other brands now.

    Sorry you are in such discomfort. It’s no fun for a few weeks.

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  • aktillery9

    Faron, I bruised them when I was going up some carpeted stairs.... my hand were full and I was wearing flip flops. One slipped off and I fell back and everything went flying and I landed on a stair right on my left rib. I have had a ct scan and nothing is broken... thank goodness.

    Thanks for all of your suggestions. I think my ribs are going to take a long while to heal. I will try out some of the bras you all mentioned. I truly appreciate you guys taking the time to write and offer your help.

  • lascatx

    Amy, falls on stairs are scary (my son and my grandmother both tumbled down them). I am so glad nothing was broken. If you had a break, I think you would have to go with a tank for a while and they might still be worth looking into.

    I wanted to mention that Jockey has some bralettes (pull over or back closure, molded cup or removable cup) that have longer sides instead of a band. I have never worn one, but it seems like that would lessen the pressure over a wider area and might be worth trying. It might be better or worse depending on your injury. Adding a link, though you probably don't want to wait to order. https://www.jockey.com/catalog?department=women&category=bras&style=bralette

  • yeonassky

    Good luck finding something that works! When I bruised my ribs I could not even put anything on them for about a week. They were sore for about 3 weeks in total.

    DH broke his ribs and he could barely do anything for the eight weeks it took to heal. So glad you didn't break anything!

    No flip-flops and always free hands on those stairs sounds like a good route to go. I fell down my stairs when I was a child about a million times. Was very lucky I didn't break anything. Dangerous stairs...

  • Yayagal

    I would suggest a regular wireless bra and purchase a bra expander. I did that when I had chest surgery. Here's a link for a nice bra and you'll see the expander on the same page. Bra expander

  • Sheeisback

    Ouch! I’m sorry about your fall and ribs! Hoping one of the good suggestions above help.

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  • cyn427

    No fun! Hope you feel better quickly-I had bruised ribs once and couldn't believe the pain!

    I am not large breasted, but I wear bras from True. If I remember correctly, some of the models were very well-endowed, so you might find something there. I find mine unbelievably comfortable.

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  • Lyban

    I would be interested in these Bali comfort revolution bras, but when looking at the jcpenny link there are so many different models. Any favorite models I should be looking at.

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  • LynnNM

    No suggestions, just wishing you a speedy recovery!

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  • artemis_ma

    I buy my no-underwire bras at Kohls. Unfortunately I'm a size A, so probably can't give you help beyond that - no idea at what size places carry no-underwire bras up to. Do heal up!

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  • aktillery9

    I wanted to share my solution to the bra situation. I have a bra that is really comfortable. I decided to try and cut out the underwire, which I did. It fits well and does not hurt. In fact, it sort of provides a bit of comfort. While not wearing a bra and being well, free kind of pulls on my ribs. So, I work on Friday for 12 hours. We will see if it holds up after 12 hours!

    Thanks again for all of the suggestions!

  • Faron79


    It might be safer if you scoot down on your butt?!???! ;-)

    Please get better soon!


  • yeonassky

    Glad you found a solution and that it relieved your pain somewhat. Hope the healing happens fast.

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  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    I feel your pain! I have had dislocated ribs twice. I hope it never happens again. Omg such pain! And yes it takes a very long time to stop hurting. I have flare ups when the weather changes. I bought some super soft comfy bras that zip up the front. They don't hurt too much. Less than my others. I think the brand is Valmont or something like that. I will look for a link.

    Good luck with healing! A tens machine is helpful.

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  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    VALMONT, INC Women's Best Comfort Zip-Front Sports Bra, oatmeal https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HFB7B0O/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_tatzCbX43D5HB

    Here it is.

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  • Louise McCarthy

    True &Co. Excellent and the most comfortable bras ever.

  • chessey35

    Walking through Walmart yesterday, I saw several styles of bras without wires - from regular bras to sports bras to the pull over your head type that looked and felt very soft. Hope you find something comfortable

  • writersblock

    For those of you who travel, the next time you're in France pick up some Arnigel. It is the most amazing stuff. I fell while hiking in France and cracked a rib and bruised my humerus and they gave me Arnigel (topical) and Arnicalme (pill) and the pain was gone in two days. Both are made with arnica.

    You can order Arnigel from amazon Canada in the US, but what you get in NA is made in Bulgaria, while what you buy in France is made in France, and personally I have more faith in QC in France. It's great stuff to keep on hand for any kind of bruise, small or serious.

  • chessey35

    I buy it at Whole Foods and some drug stores. Arnica is a definite winner

  • writersblock

    Just FYI, what you can get in this country has a much, much lower level of arnica in it than is common in Europe, chessey.

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