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Kitchen Arrangement! Help Please!

4 days ago

Here's a layout of our soon to be remodeled kitchen. We are pushing the top wall out 6 feet for more space. I met with a cabinetry guy and he suggested I not leave the fridge where I currently have it because it will be too far from the kitchen sink and I will hate it. (Kitchen sink is going on the top wall with the window.)

But I hate the idea of having it on the wall next to the sink and window. (It gives it a really prominent place in the room so you walk in from the front door, and BAM there's your fridge.)

And I also don't love the idea of having it on the same wall as the stove because I feel like it may look weird there. (?) I'm also not sure what I'll put on an entire wall (the bottom wall) if I don't even have a fridge there- it would just be our double ovens and a bunch of cabinets I suppose? (We have a butlers pantry going in behind the kitchen.)

I'm just feeling stuck- if you have any thoughts on fridge placement send them my way- it will be a counter depth stand alone fridge. Red stars show where the cabinetry guy suggested putting the fridge. (Air vents are really frustrating.)

I'm also curious about the surrounding walkways- is 3' 3" enough space?

Thanks in advance!

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  • dan1888

    I think you can have it where you've drawn it if you add a prep sink to the island. It looks like your cab to cab dimension makes up the space you're asking about. The actual dimension is counter edge to counter edge. Which is 2-3" less. The frig doors and the oven doors are going to be obstructions to flow. Whatever is showing on each side of the cooktop I hope those are under counter. Otherwise they cut off counter usage if they go down to the counter.

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  • damiarain

    Agree with dan1888 - adding a prep sink to the island will totally address your needs.

    As for aisle spacing - definitely looks too tight - particularly if you have >1 person in the kitchen at a time. 42" is generally considered a good width and up to 48" if you have the room and have 2(+) peeps in the kitchen. There's a bunch of great info in the New to Kitchens thread - click to fully expand all of the comments (the info you're looking for is in the first few comments).

    The pantry behind the kitchen - is labelled "Butler's Pantry" but as far as I can tell it doesn't connect to the dining room or anything, right? (in that case, it's just a pantry, pantry =)

    The rectangles flanking your cooktop - are those ... not sure the terminology... lower cabinets/ornate finial things? If it's like the first picture below (all white cabs) I would seriously re-think it - having the cabinets come down to the counter while flanking the cooktop really impedes the functionality. If it's more like the second picture (white hood, green cabs) I would still re-think it if it's wood trim - there's certain clearances that should be observed between combustibles and the cooktop...

    For the hood, it's not currently drawn in, but I assume you have plans for a hood?

    For your DW - I can't tell on your current layout which side of the side it is on... I would definitely put it on the left side of the sink, with a wide (30-36") drawer cabinet to its left for your dish storage - below is a mock up of how I might change your layout... I'm not in love with the oven/corner combo going on - but at least that walkway is only to the pantry and not like a main thoroughfare. Also, given the very large pantry, I might think about having fewer upper cabinets in the main kitchen - like maybe on the window wall - just make the whole wall windows - it'd really brighten it up, and you are not lacking storage (especially if you have drawers for your lower cabinets!)

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  • emaldrich

    dan1888 Thank you for pointing out the overhang of the countertop. And that's a good point about the cabinetry on either side of the cooktop. I wasn't set on those, but I'm for sure not doing that now. Prep sink is a good option. Thank you!

    damiarain Thank you, I'm going to check out that thread. And I love what you've drawn up, so thank you for that! Yes the Pantry is just a pantry :) And I'm doing away with those taller cabs- we were thinking like the white kitchen you posted, but you bring up a great point.

    Plans for a hood, yes- Just white to match the cabinets.

    Great point on the dishwasher to free up that corner space- its on the right side currently, so I didn't think to switch it. Love the idea of a drawer for dishes next to the DW. Seriously thanks for taking the time to type that all out for me!

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I am sorry but your cabinet guy is not a kitchen designer and IMO you better get one right now before you do anything.IMO there is little use for a butlers pantry in most homes and you need to know what one is. It stores dishes, small appliances to do with serving dinner glassware platters all things to do with table setting basically. Not for food for sure , it also has to connect to the DR or it is just a big wasted space to store food.Some true pullout pantries on either side of the fridge will give you huge amount of storage, air vents can be moved good kitchen design needs to come first. All the base cabinets should be drawers the fridge on the wall with the wall ovens works fine and just add a prep sink to that end of the island. I would not do uppers on the window wall and I hope you have a good ventilation system for that interior wall range. Eliminate the upper corner cabinet.

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  • keith Dcil

    Your refrigerator placement is superior to the cabinet guy. Dan is correct about adding a nearby prep sink, if possible. I dream of having a large pantry/scullery like yours someday to keep my growing collection of countertop appliances plugged in and ready to go Instead of on a shelf in the basement. Also, I would wish for the pantry to have a second dishwasher and deep sink to keep the messy stuff out of my open kitchen when entertaining. I also fantasize of someday having a walk-in restaurant style fridge - when I win lotto and have servants to clean it.

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  • jdsb2

    I agree that the refrigerator is not too far and a prep sink would be great on the island. With regard to the Butler's pantry, I had one with a DW, clean up sink and extra oven and refrigerator and thought it was the best thing about our kitchen. When we built our new house, the butler's pantry was expanded to include a range, so it is a fully functional catering kitchen. We use it all the time. When we have guests, all of the dirty issues go in the back, which is great as guests always gravitate to the kitchen. And, all of our countertop appliances are in the back kitchen. Just make sure to put a door on it (we have a pocket door on ours).

  • rantontoo

    Your cabinet guy is right; without the prep sink, the fridge is too far from the sink. Add a prep sink AND 48” aisles...your kitchen will be awesome to work in. I lust after a pantry like yours!

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