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Maple vs Cherry, shaker vs raised panel, stained vs painted

February 12, 2019

Decisions decisions !

We have finally and happily settled on a new kitchen floor plan, hooray!

Originally we were going to go with stained cherry, shaker style. However, the stain color we like is only available in the raised panel cabinet style. The cabinet style IS available in painted maple.

Would love to hear if anyone is still doing raised panel

Painted cabinets, how do you like them, and what about your casing and baseboard trims if you have varying shades of white?

And what are your opinions on cherry vs maple?

Comments (14)

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Post some pictures please.

  • PRO
    The Kitchen Abode Ltd.

    Sounds strange that a wood spices stain color would only be available on a raised panel and not a recessed panel. The stain color should have nothing to do with the style of door, it's according to the wood species.

    They have recessed maple but that's only in a solid(painted) color.

    I think I would look for another cabinet supplier.

  • mark_rachel

    It's really a personal preference. I like the look of white cabinets in other people's kitchens, but they are not for me. I love the look of stained wood. We have raised panel stained cabinets & I like them. I do like shaker style door though. Can you go with a different cabinet company?

  • PRO
    The Kitchen Abode Ltd.

    "Can you go with a different cabinet company? "

    I guess that depends on whether or not you are locked in with whoever you are working with now.

    I just don't understand why you can't have a cherry stained recessed(shaker) panel door. We stain this style of door all the time.

  • jhmarie

    Like Mark, I like the look of painted cabinets but prefer stained myself, and mine are raised panel - but my kitchen is older. I prefer cherry to maple because maple tends to get more yellow over time. This is not the case of the finish turning yellow - maple itself tends to turn yellow. Of course, cherry can get redder, but I prefer it to maple. I actually prefer oak as it stains great and is very solid. It has gotten a bad rap in the last few years, but the new white oak cabinets are very popular.

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  • typeandrun

    We are not locked into a specific cabinet mfr, it is a RTA company, contractors only. The savings are quite substantial and quality is very good.

    So please any feedback re my original post would be very welcome!

  • johnsoro25

    I put in white painted raised panel. Still love them 4 years later. I was over shaker doors then and am more over shaker doors now. Just too common. I wanted something more visually interesting and a little fancier. My trim, casings, and crown are all white throughout the house and all the same white.

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  • tatts

    Shaker maple natural. Classic.

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  • typeandrun

    tatts, what type of hardwood did you like or would you like with that?

  • jill302

    Have had raised panel and shaker, prefer shaker. Have never had painted in kitchen. Currently havevstained cherry in part of house, while beautiful darker than I prefer so for me I would give the painted a whirl.

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  • tatts

    Maple, as I said, with a natural finish--no stain.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I think a lot of this depends on the style of house ,your style many things need to work together. As for only certain styles coming in certain stains sounds to me like these are not made in the US. Maybe find out a bit more about these “cheap "cabinets.I will tell you i have friend who saved a ton of money on cainets that looked awesome 2 yrs later the hinges are coming off the drawers don’t slide properly and they were made in China the warranty not worth the paper it was written on.Not exactly waht I would call a bargain.

  • stir_fryi SE Mich

    I have raised panel maple (medium stain) in my kitchen that are 13 years old and I still like them. My advice is to not get anything too detailed where dirt and grease can settle. Kitchen cabinets get dirty! Get something easy to wipe down.

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