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What RootStock on Grafted Hyd. trees ?

February 17, 2019

Just curious I suppose. What rootstock do they use on Grafted Hyd. trees.

My 1st LL that I grew eon's ago was a grafted one ( I was new to gardening, was not really on my radar). I can tell it's been grafted as it's got this narly bud union. Where'as the the other LL trees I have added down road were -own root-

Anyhow, just thinking outloud as I wonder what the graft root stock is/ versus hardiness/growth difference between the own root. I don't observe a difference in either.

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    One never sees grafted tree-form hydrangeas here (PNW). They are all manually trained that way (as standards) and that takes a significant amount of time and effort, which may account for the high price tags associated with these :-) I would assume grafting might accelerate this process so it is reasonable to expect to see this happening more frequently.

    Rootstock will be just another type of paniculata, likely one that grows quite tall and upright. IME, the graft union will always be at the top of the standard, where the major branching emerges, as there is no advantage to be gained by a lower graft point. It is essentially the graft location that determines the ultimate size of the standard.

  • a1an

    Indeed with any sizable shrub, I recognize the TLC (water and care) it must have maintained leading up to it's selling price. And the real estate it takes. My nursery sells some LL Trees with the branching starting around 12-14 ft or so. It really is quite the sight. I should pay more attention this year just for own curiosity to see how the stem formation looks on the various heights.

  • a1an

    Swung by the nursery and checked to see if they were going to order Firelight Standards. Buyer said he knows he brought in Firelight last year, can't recall if there were any standards. Anyhow, he did say we'll see if their ~grower~ grafts any Firelights

    <dunno>. I suppose this is a Northeast thang GG

  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    NE? Why did I think you were in the SE? Would you please add your location as part of “your name as publicly displayed” so we know where you are, a1an. Thanks.

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