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HELP!! Seams in Caesarstone Countertops

February 17, 2019
Hoping to gain some perspective here: A few months ago, I received a quote for Calacatta Nuvo countertops from my kitchen designer. The quote said it was for a 4cm “D-edge” edge profile, but did not include a picture of what the edge/profile would look like.

Knowing that edge profiles and countertop thickness can make a big difference in overall look as well as price, on the same day I received the quote, I sent my designer a picture of the edge look that I wanted, which I believe is a 3cm “pencil edge” (all pictures included below). In my email, I specifically asked whether there would be any additional cost for the edge profile in the picture. I thought her response was pretty unambiguous: “Thanks for the photo. The fabricator that we use their d-edge is exactly like the photo.”

Fast forward 3 months, my designer asked if I could come by the store with a cheque for the countertops, which are to be templated this week. I drove across town (in the snow with my two month old), sat down with her, and wrote out the cheque in full. Only after I had written and signed the cheque, she casually mentioned that the edge would have a horizontal seam running all along it. This is the first time a seam had ever been mentioned. She showed me a picture of what the profile would look like and it is NOTHING like the picture I had sent her as an example. She followed up with the fabricator, and apparently it will be over $1000 more to get the look in the picture I sent as an example.

Am I wrong to feel mislead by this? The image I sent clearly did not have a seam. I’m not a professional, and this is the first major renovation I’ve ever done, but to me it seems like this type of seam can make the difference between a really high end “slab” look and a cheap afterthought. I tried to go out of my way months ago to be clear in what I wanted so that there would be no surprise costs. I would have expected an obvious seam like this to be something my designer would have pointed out.

A few questions for people with more experience:

Has anyone ever done this type of seam with Calacatta Nuvo or another quartz or marble with a veining pattern? It seems like the seam will be extra noticeable because it is a flat edge (no fancy profiling) and a veined pattern (unless fabricator can line up veining exactly).

My designer knows that I’ve planned pretty much every other detail of my kitchen around the countertops: hardware, faucets, lighting, accents, etc., so it’s definitely too late to change my mind on the countertops. If the seam is going to ruin the look of my kitchen, is it unreasonable to expect that they would eat the extra cost of getting the 3cm pencil edge “slab” i had asked for and thought I was getting (roughly $1000 on a $45000 contract)?

Thanks in advance for the input!

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  • tiggerlgh
    Yours looks like #1 which should be a standard edge.
  • wysmama
    Your pic should be a standard edge. No upgrade charge at all.
  • lyndsayian
    Thanks for the response. I think it’s because the quote I received assumed a 2cm countertop thickness with a 2cm “apron” to give the appearance of a 4cm thick slab (except with the seam I don’t think it would actually look like one piece, defeating the purpose) What I want is a 3cm thick slab, as 2cm seems too thin for countertops. At least that’s how my designer explained the extra cost.
  • wilson853

    See page 10 in the Fabrication Guide. Tell her that you want the 3cm with the recommended pencil profile.


    I also highly recommend that you meet directly with the fabricator at their shop to see the various edge profiles so there is no miscommunication and make sure that you get your preference in writing.

  • Itsy Bitsy

    I had Caesarstone with the edge your designer suggests. It's not that bad and a seam is required if you have a rough top on the cabinets or are trying to make the slab appear thicker, like real stone. It's nearly invisible. All these small details matter to you a lot right now, but when it's all said and done, you will be happily enjoying your new kitchen and never think about it again (hopefully!) the edge you want loois nice but it will be a very think slab. It won't look chunky.

  • lyndsayian
    Thanks. Do you mind if I ask what colour countertops you had with this profile? Was it Calacatta Nuvo or another colour with veining? If so, did the fabricator line up the veining on the apron to make it match better?
  • PRO
    The Cook's Kitchen

    Location matters for material availability. West Coast uses predominantly 2cm with a built up edge. East Coast uses 3cm with no edge build up. Getting either product outside it’s sphere of popularity often involves delays for special ordering, plus additional fees for fabrication.

    A 4cm with edge buildup is not a big deal if you are in a location that does that all the time. Just take a look at their other projects where they have done this to reassure yourself that the fabricator can give you what you expect. Sometimes seam matching is not perfect, but that’s still not a big deal if it’s close and not in a prominent spot, like a short edge. “Folding” stone over for the build up edge depends on the exact layout. Which is why you attend the template layout on the stone.

    If you want the 3cm thickness, with no build up, that is what should have been ordered. If it’s not common where you are, you will likely have some delays.

    This is for sure the time to clarify those details. If you’ve already signed off, and the product has been ordered or is on site, it gets a lot more complicated. Speak up immediately to the fabricator!

  • oldryder

    I am a fabricator. The designer is culpable. If it's a $1000 more for a "seamless" edge it's the designers problem. It was probably ignorance on the designers part but since he or she is charging for their expertise they have an obligation to know what they're talking about. That's what you are paying for. The only "seamless" drop edge I am aware of would be a mitered edge and while it is not actually seamless the line at the joint can be obscured to near or total invisibility by a competent fabricator. That said I agree you should visit the fabricator yourself since your designer is obviously somewhat lacking in knowledge specific to countertop fabrication. Good luck.

  • lyndsayian
    Thank you, very helpful. I am in Toronto, where a 3cm slab I understand is very common, so I really feel that this was just an error on the part of the designer.

    Also, to the previous comment, this will be on every countertop of our Lshaped kitchen, including the island, where I feel it will be most noticeable.

    I already plan on asking the fabricator to show me the examples they have done using this method so I can assess. They also suggested doing a mitred edge as an alternative, but that still has a seam, which won’t be perfect and they want to charge me more for that as well.

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