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Sansevieria Cylindrica

March 2, 2019

I bought these plants about a year ago. They were all in one small pot surrounding the braided one. After a while I cut out the Cylindricals & repotted, as in the photos. They are in 6" pots. They seem to be doing great. But I tend to buy plants that look interesting without knowing anything about them.

I was thinking of potting up. But in the Forum I see photos of these plants crammed into small pots & doing very well.

Also in the Forum I see photos of fantastic flowers. Do the plants have to be 'mature', i.e. several years years old, before there is any chance of that?

Any general knowledge & care tips would be appreciated.

Comments (3)

  • Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

    My S. Cylindrica seldom bloom for me. Small plants and nothing to write home about their booms. Had them for about 4 years. When conditions are right, they will bloom but in my cold house during winter it retards their growth. Maybe in a warmer climate planted outside year round they do and get way bigger.

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  • robinswfl

    Like Stush, my S. cylindrical rarely bloom for me either. I've had large and small, and a couple of real healthy ones (one of which I gave away, and one of which I sadly overwatered into its premature demise). No flowers. But -- I bought a Sans Forskaliana from Arid Lands. Don't know how old it was, but it's a sizable plant. I barely got it repotted and about 2 months later it grew a fantastically large flower stalk. The flower was taller than any of the leaves within about one week. I have also had a couple of masonianas that have produced large flower stalks. I must admit -- I often cut the flowers back, preferring to keep the energy down in the plant.

    Potting up? Who knows? Lots of people follow that old advice about Sans liking to be crowded. I don't know about crowded, but mine always do better with a moderately tight pot. When I repot, I don't enlarge the size of the pot much, if at all. If the soil falls away too easily, I might keep it in the same pot with a mixture of old and new soil.

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  • Sans2014

    When I lived in Florida, I had a small plot filled with Trifasciata which grew packed together.

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