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Should i remove stalks from bamboo palm?

Ryan Annells
April 2, 2019
last modified: April 2, 2019

Hi everyone,

2 Stalks from my bamboo palm dont look the best, they have been like this for awhile now. At the base of the plant it doesnt look to good, i was wondering should i remove any of this or just leave it be? 1 side is going good and is growing.


Comments (3)

  • tropicbreezent

    Those two stalks look dead and withered. They won't affect the plant if they're left. The plant would look better without them. Your choice.

    Ryan Annells thanked tropicbreezent
  • Ryan Annells

    Thanks for the reply tropicbreezent again.. lol

    Sorry for the slow reply! Thanks for clarifiying for me. I think i wil remove them, Is their a particular way i should do this? Will i have to repot the plant so to speak and removethe stems. Should i remove all the roots aswell?

  • tropicbreezent

    I wouldn't touch the roots. These are clumping palms so they produce more stems from the base of the plant. Just cut off the dead stems above the base so it's not damaged. You should end up with several stems coming up (but it won't happen overnight). They're not a particularly fast grower.

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