Smith & Noble motorized rollers malfunctioning issue

Lou Q
May 14, 2019
last modified: May 14, 2019

Just today, I received an email from Ken Constable of Smith & Noble informing me that ' a limited number of remote control rechargeable motorized shades – produced in our workshop between October 2018 and March 2019 of this year – may have defective motors. The defect is related to the rechargeable battery holding a charge. '

What I find VERY CONVENIENT about the timing of this email, is that it appeared just 2 hours after my husband had sent a fifth and final email to S&N demanding a refund for our recent purchase from them.

Our issue was that their 'custom made product ' that they 'cannot issue a refund for due to it being custom made' was MEASURED INCORRECTLY and ultimately CUSTOM MADE INCORRECTLY by them, then INSTALLED POORLY by their installer. The shades never hung correctly and were hanging askew. When I asked the installer if this could be fixed his reply was 'this is how they are meant to be' He also drilled a number of unnecessary holes in our window frames, and didn't mention anything to us. We discovered them ourselves the following day. Their 'interior designer' was rude and condescending to me in my home, continually correcting my use of language and making strange comments about my furniture. She oversold me on products, completely taking advantage of my being a first time homeowner AND new to the United States. The dud rollers that only worked for 3 days out of 5 and took a full 2 -3 days to charge were the least of our problems.

What I find terribly convenient is that the moment we mention that we are going to go through the BBB to resolve this as it has been dragging on for weeks now, is that we 'suddenly' get this email citing 'mechanical issues'

Has anyone else received this email from Smith & Noble today? I can't shake the feeling that this was written to appear as if it has been sent out to many, but is in fact only being sent to us.....

We have had a thoroughly ROTTEN experience from start to finish with this company. They are vastly overpriced and the product we received for the money spent was nowhere NEAR worth it.

If you are thinking of getting window treatments from them - DON'T. Read their reviews on BBB before you do anything. They are rubbish to deal with and do everything and anything to avoid giving refunds. Even when their personnel (designers/ installers) AND their product (rolled up into a mangled mess, then fell off and hit me in the mouth!) are the issue and it is 100% THEIR FAULT.

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