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My camera was on a roll today!

May 14, 2019

I was able to get some pictures with my iPhone camera today, which I prefer over my iPad, even though the colors look saturated on some. I do hope I will be able to get some good bush shots soon. More blooms are opening everyday!












JULIA CHILD, much more yellow than the picture.









Comments (21)

  • smithdale1z8pnw

    They are all luscious! I particularly like the Gene Boerner, is it a good rose for you? It has been on my radar for quite some time. Thank you.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked smithdale1z8pnw
  • Perma n’ Posies/9A FL

    Great pictures!! Just lovely! :-)

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked Perma n’ Posies/9A FL
  • totoro z7b Md

    Gorgeous blooms. SdlM is so pretty!

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked totoro z7b Md
  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    All so beautiful and healthy. You're growing some I just can't seem to make happy here. My iPhone takes saturated photos, too. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA
  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Thank you! smithdale, only my second season for GB, didn’t bloom a lot last year, but did have a few pretty blooms. I’m pleased with its first flush. It is own root from Roses Unlimited. I think it is so pretty, love it! Totoro, I’m very fond of SdlM, such a great rose! flowers, what are some of your better roses? I hate that saturated look with some rose pictures, wish I could figure out how to get rid of it.

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Here’s a few more



    Another Firefighter and Beverly






  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    So many nice roses, i especially like Firefighter and Crazy Love. The light color Peace reminds of Garden Party, an old fav that I no longer grow. What a great spring you are having.

    I must also say you are a brave lady, to successfully post 20 pics in one post on Houzz! This website will send my pics to Neverneverland long before I try that many pics. You are the Amelia Earhart of Houzz picture posting, even better since neither you nor your pics got lost forever. It must also be a new limit, we used to be limited to 10 pics per post...not that I’m that brave.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked BenT (8a Dallas, TX)
  • bayarea_girl

    Gorgeous bloooms. I really like the look of Crazy Love :) Helen

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked bayarea_girl
  • jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

    Fantastic looking roses!

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.
  • Krista_5NY

    Wow, these are beautiful. I love the color of Dark Desire and Melody Parfumee.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked Krista_5NY
  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Sara Ann, I'm happy to see your Crazy Love looking so soft. I have a new one and have been worried it will be too garish. I can't say what my best roses are this year because nothing is blooming, but in years past, I've been very pleased with Leo da Vinci, Versigny, Paul Bocuse, Munstead Wood, Mrs. J. Laing and Rouge Royale. I hope I'll be able to take some photos by June. One zone warmer makes such a big difference. You're making me want to move to OK, where I have a lot of relatives.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA
  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Thank you all! Ben, after I posted all those pics it just kept spinning, so I left it unattended for quite awhile, when I came back to check on it, it was still spinning, so I thought it failed to post, I got out of it, but when I opened Houzz again, there it was,. I knew I might have been taking a chance, got lucky I guess! Thanks for the compliment on Firefighter, your Firefighter blooms look like perfection compared to mine, your roses are awesome! My Peace blooms usually have a lot more pink than that one, but I noticed a few of the ones last year didn’t either, hope that changes, that’s one of the reasons I like the Peace rose so much! Also, Ben, Helen and flowers, Crazy Love has several clusters, I remember last year it was gorgeous in full bloom, has more buds this year, so ought to be even better! Krista, I am anxious to see Dark Desire in full bloom, the buds are the darkest they’ve ever been. Melodee Parfumme colors can sure vary, it’s a unique rose and also very fragrant! Flowers, I planted three of the roses you mentioned this year, Leonardo di Vinci, Munstead Wood and Rouge Royale, looking forward to seeing how they do. I already know I like Rouge Royale.

    This is more typical of what my Peace blooms usually look like .

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Sara Ann, there's something special about Rouge Royale. I'm picky about reds and prefer shrubby roses to upright ones, but I am crazy about that rose. I bought Leo based on Diane's recommendation from seeing a magazine article about it and it truly is a winner. Of course, Munstead is wonderful. All great additions to your collection.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA
  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Flowers, I think Rouge Royale is gorgeous, and the fragrance! I ordered two Leonardo da Vinci from Heirloom when they were on sale. Someone had posted some gorgeous pictures on here. They seem to be doing good. One of them came with several buds, even though the foliage was stripped, I figured they would shrivel up, but they’re getting ready to open! This year was the first time I’ve ordered from Heirloom. I also ordered two Buck roses, Quietness and Silver Shadows, also an Oklahoma and Royal Amethyst. I so want to have some success with Austin roses, I decided to try Munstead Wood because of all the positive comments I’ve read, mine is grafted. I had also ordered Graham Thomas, but it wasn’t shipped, apparently the nursery I ordered it from had some Austins that didn’t do very good. Austins put on such a gorgeous display!

  • flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA

    Sara Ann, Silver Shadows is new to me. It's similar to Stainless Steel, which I would love to grow, but too tender for here, however Silver Shadows is rated to z5. In looking up Silver Shadows, I ran across Blue Skies, also new to me. It made me think of English Perfume, another one I would love to grow, but too tender. Now, if I just had better luck with hybrid teas. Do you grow Blue Skies or English Perfume? Someone here has E Perfume, and I thought it was you.

    I've read that Graham Thomas is difficult in some climates. I couldn't get it to grow when I was in z9/10. I haven't tried it here.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked flowersaremusic z5 Eastern WA
  • Michele
    Your roses are amazing! I could never even pick my favorite. They are all so gorgeous in their own way! Some so delicate, some so luscious. I adore roses. If I could garden I would go crazy with roses! The fragrance of a garden rose is one of life’s pleasures.
    Thank you for posting these beautiful pics
    sara_ann-z6bok thanked Michele
  • sara_ann-z6bok thanked mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9
  • sara_ann-z6bok

    flowers, yes I’m the one who had English Perfume! It must have been too tender here too, mine didn’t make through the winter here! It can be a beautiful rose, and so fragrant too! I was disappointed. Another lavender that seems to be hardier so far is Lagerfeld, it has a wonderful fragrance too, and is much more beautiful than I am able to photograph. I’ve read that about Graham Thomas too, but it’s an Austin that’s been recommended for my area, but apparently not for me yet, not this year anyway!

    Michele, thank you so much! I agree with you about the garden rose, I’m glad that you enjoyed my pictures, it’s meaningful to me that others would enjoy my rose pictures. There are so many beautiful rose pictures posted by so many who grow some beautiful roses, one of the reasons I love this forum so much!

  • Michele
    I just joined Houzz in early March. After browsing around a bit I found this forum. I’ve always loved roses. My parents had such a beautiful garden in the backyard when I was growing up. I don’t remember names but I can clearly picture in my mind their remarkable beauty and remember the wonderful fragrance!
    sara_ann-z6bok thanked Michele
  • Dillybeansown (6b in the Ozarks)

    So pretty! What a lovely spring sampling of your roses. Crazy Love is gorgeous! Not sure I’d seen that one before.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked Dillybeansown (6b in the Ozarks)
  • jc_7a_MiddleTN

    You Aloha is what got me to save a one cane wonder from the clearance rack last week.

    I hope it turns out to be half as nice as yours.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked jc_7a_MiddleTN

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