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New kitchen cabinet layout

May 15, 2019
We’ve decided to do new cabinets. Any suggestions on layout? 8’ ceilings. I’d like uppers to go to ceiling (either 42” uppers or 2 stacked). I really want lower pull out drawers instead of standard cupboard doors. Thinking about removing the 3 right upper cabinets, install surface mounted exhaust fan, tile under left cabinets which will run all the way to ceiling on right. Thoughts? I’m trying to utilize all space I can but make airy and comfy as possible. Wall on right will have floating shelves and painted/updated lower pantry area. I’d love to put microwave in island (no power to it) or hide it some how, open to any & all suggestions! Thanks for your help!

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  • herbflavor

    so you want to leave the base cabinet in wood at the side and the blue tape is placement of shelves? then for the use you will naturally get from those shelves...I'd place range and hood left of sink. the area right of sink can be storage drawers ….. you need help from a carpenter or someone to look at the wall the blue tape is on...are there studs? it's a lot of space. You can work with that right side of sink wall and probably wrap into the corner and beyond into this area. Maybe even get a shelf for microwave in the mix. JUST HOW STRUCTURAL IS THAT WALL AND WHAT IS YOUR BUDGET. You will need to show a diagram of the entire space to get real help .

  • Jes
    Thanks @herbflavor! I never really thought about putting cabinets on the blue taped wall as it will cut into my floor space. Something to kick around for sure! My hubby is a carpenter and the wall is supportive for shelves. The open shelving would house plates, cups, etc. I will snap a few more pics of the adjacent walls and layout today!
  • PRO
    Rachel Zylstra, Realtor
    -Yes to hood.
    -Yes to cabinets to ceiling.
    -Replacing sink with 24" single bowl would gain you 12" of countertop space, which is huge in a kitchen your size.
    -Shelves will work great in your suggested area and be the least expensive, especially if your husband can build them.
    -There are tons of options, it all depends on scope and budget! :)

    Where is your fridge? What does the other side of the kitchen look like?
  • Casamacho

    Where is the fridge? Can you do a zoomed out view of the whole room?

  • cpartist

    Please create a 2D layout with measurements and then show us how the kitchen relates to the rest of the space.

    From what I can see, you'd be better off with an L shaped perimeter and a moveable cart for extra workspace.

  • Jes
    I hope this helps!
  • Jes
    Please excuse my painting! In the middle of painting trim and touching up walls
  • Jes
    Side note - we made the bracket shelves for a client. They turned out to be wrong size so I threw them on our wall - raw wood and hardware unpainted - just to see how they look. Definitely think they’re too deep and I would like to go “floating shelf” route with no brackets if I do them.

    Also, we will be building a different little closet door (next to exterior door)
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    I think you have a nice plan. as for the island, are you on a raised foundation or slab? if the former, it's easy enough to run electrical to the island. slab, not so much!

  • blubird

    Just commenting on your beautiful chocolate labbie. Miss mine terribly.

  • Jes
    Beth, we have a raised foundation, thankfully! I will chat with bro in law and see if he can do that when/if we go with the exhaust fan. I’m thinking this won’t be a problem at all and so ready to get that jimmy rigged microwave out of the wall
  • Jes
    Blubird -
    Thank you! He’s almost 8 and is just now starting to somewhat calm down. I know the feeling all too well. So sorry! I lost my 15 year old chocolate three years ago. Best dog ever! What a bittersweet heartbreak.
  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    Jes,,just came across this photo (s) and it reminds me of your space and what you want.

    make sure you look at all 4 of the pictures. they did a great job w/this small space


    Small Kitchen Transformation · More Info

  • PRO
    Rachel Zylstra, Realtor
    If you want to do the L shaped kitchen and replace the narrow oak built in, you can use cupboards that are only 12" deep, that way the hardly take up any floor space. You can achieve this by using uppers and having your husband build a base for them that you cover in toekick. I would do that and stack them floor to ceiling.

    Another option is to take out the laundry shoot and put a 12"D x 18"w (or 24"w if you have the space) pantry cabinet there. Again you may have to "create" it with uppers depending on where you are getting your cabinets.

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