What’s wrong with my basil and jalapeños?

Both plants are looking healthy but I noticed these brown/black spots on both plants. Anyone know what it could be? The under side of the leaf looks fine. The plants are both in plants on a balcony and in the 7a zone if that helps.

thank you!

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  • Veronica Sclyarenko
    last year
    last modified: 12 months ago

    The jalapeno plant seems to be getting worse. Some of the leaves just broke off almost like they are too heavy for the plants

  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH
    last year

    How long have they been in the pot? What did you use for potting soil? Have you stuck your finger into the soil to check moisture levels? The basil I wouldn’t worry about since it is minor physical damage.

    You might get better response if you change some of the forums or repost to ask on the container gardening forum or the veggies forum, both of which are more specific to your question.

  • Veronica Sclyarenko
    12 months ago

    They have been in the pot for about 2 months, maybe a bit less. The soil is hydrated

  • Veronica Sclyarenko
    12 months ago

    I used miracle grow for veg and plants. Just basic stuff

  • OutsidePlaying
    11 months ago

    Peppers in general don’t like too much water, and I find jalapeños do better when it is drier. So maybe it is getting too much water.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the basil either unless it gets worse. It is a Mediterranean plant and may just have water scald on some leaves or a bug bite.

  • oleron k
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Once they get going, habaneros will thrive even without leaves! The hotter the weather is, the more they seem to like it. Cuidado, muchachas! They are SUPER Hot. Alas, I can't even eat them anymore. Try Poblanos; or let green peppers stay on the plant long enough to turn red.