Season is moving into home stretch

June 15, 2019

Hard to believe that the season is winding down. Many clumps are done. Mids are blooming now and lates are budding up to bloom. Rebloom scapes have popped up on several.

OK, I know you are probably tired of this one but Mountain Orchid has been gorgeous. When it was cooler the edge was less defined but with the heat returning the edge and color increased.

Willow Dean Smith. It lives 4 doors down from Mountain Orchid

Isle of Patmos

Arrowhead Princess-last bloom

Stardust Dragon. I had to show these buds. I checked and the first bloom was June 4 and it has had spectacular bloom displays but just look at what is left!

Sweetest Name I Know-first bloom today

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Comments (8)

  • lilykate7a

    Sea of Cortez showing a darker color in heat today

    Born in California. I told Debra in one of her posts that my color on this one had a muddy look to it-not pretty like hers

    And yes, Fear Not on the blasted scape-looking better than many that have all their faculties, including a full scape!

    Catapult Sam- not my favorite color

    And this little guy early this morning-did not scamper and then I realized he appears to be molting. Lizards have been numerous this year

  • shive

    Your Born in CA looks good to me. The petal color looks more orchid than the lavender I get. Your edge is better. I wonder if there could be something about the soil where it's planted that making the petal color look muddy. Willow Dean Smith and Isle of Patmos are looking fabulous!


  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Good Grief at the buds on Stardust Dragon. Good bloomer I guess......Goodness, you have a molting lizard. What a great name for a daylily-The Molting Lizard-lol.........Catapult Sam has a color similar to a few others I've seen. Either one is a fan or one is not. The color will elicit comments either way........I got Sweetest Name I Know last year and was very impressed with it in my hot garden. I hope it turns out as pretty as yours again this year........Isle of Patmois and Sea of Cortez are both stand outs..............Maryl

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Great blooms again, Kate! Mountain Orchid is still my favorite, hard to beat that vibrant edge. It’s great the color intensifies with the heat. Love the color of Sea of Cortez. Willow Dean Smith is such a delicate bloom.


  • organic_kitten

    I doubt anyone would ever get tired of Mountain Orchid. Fear Not is something, blooming all ot on the blasted scape. I like born In California. Stardust Dragon is doing great! Arrowhead Princess is a real beauty. Maybe it will re-bloom. Willowdean smith is always a beauty. I can't avoid it, Mountain Orchid is my favorite. You have had one of those years with the stinking bugs and the deer. Even so, you have had a lot of beauty.


  • lilykate7a

    Debra you may have a point about the soil. We know how that can change some colors, i.e., Celeste‘s purples!

    Maryl, Stardust Dragon has been a bloom machine. It usually has 6, 7,8 or more blooms every day and just look at what remains! And a multiplier as well. That lizard lily was Orange Velvet, looking particularly striking and I wanted a photo but realized lizard was not going to move so I could deadhead. Then I saw that he was molting so I left him to his privacy. And Catapult Sam was a bonus-some people do like those colors. Just not me. I think I told you last year Sweetest Name I Know gets full western sun so maybe it will do well for you. I took that photo around 2:00.

    Thanks Sherry. Mountain Orchid is quickly becoming one of my favorites too!

  • lilykate7a

    Kay I have had some real standouts this year but my insect infestation really impacted my clumps. Mountain Orchid and Stardust Dragon have certainly been bright spots in my garden this year. Thank you.

  • Julia NY

    Love to see Mountain Orchid so keep showing it :). Nice pic of Isle Of Patmos. I have here and love the color when it blooms. Lovely group.

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