My 1 month old tomato plants

last year
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I planted these as seedlings May 20th. Thlet definitely were off to a slow start, not germinating till day 13 or around there. They were in small white containers, three seeds to a pot. I took the 6 strongest and transplanted them into medium sized containers 2 weeks ago this Monday. They went from being seedlings to actual plants, after just a few days of transplant shock. Their roots seem pretty thick to me, what do you guys think? Based on how they look, how long do you guys think I should wait before replanting them to 5 gallon containers? I enclosed pictures of what I believe might be the beginning of what will be flower buds, but I’m certainly no expert. Wouldn’t it be too early for that? They have been getting great rain and sun as well, here in NY. Any and all tips appreciated. These are indeterminates, Constuluto Fiorentino, Marzinera, and Genuwine. I have fertilized then twice with fish fertilizer so far. Thanks!

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