Landscaping with Crushed Stone

I have been working on landscaping the front and side of our house here in Maine. It's a long process but it is coming along. Most people around here use bark mulch in their landscape beds but I wanted a more natural/rustic stone & boulder look for our home.

The hideous blue insulation around the base of our house.....that's a project for another day. We hope to install stone pavers for the path to the front steps later this summer. White trim & white door will be painted brown. Some pictures of the progress.......

I could have used some larger mature plants but I don't mind watching stuff grow. I like doing stuff on a budget. I got the Alpine Carpet junipers at Home Depot for 50% off last season. I actually dug up a Winterberry bush out in the woods on our property. Got some small Birds Nest Spruce and dwarf Mugo Pine at Lowes this season......3 for $10! Everything has done well so far.

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