Bonsai light, which Kelvin?

sharon Neem
July 2, 2019
last modified: July 2, 2019

I have a 4" tall Serissa Foetida Bonsai currently hanging out outside a Northern facing window that requires more sunlight that I can give it. I'll be moving soon so it won't be an issue in the long run but for now i gotta keep this guy alive for 4 months.

I already have these: (2 of them actually)

But i understand they are not enough.

The Serissa is current sitting in a North facing window in NYC (the only side i have light coming in!) so i want to rig a light or 2 for outdoors for the tree for the rest of the day as he doesn't get much direct sunlight after 10:30am....

this is the one i am looking at. It's a "150w" (60 watt draw) COB LED spotlight. it comes 2 Kelvin: 3,500 and closer to 6,000. Which do i get? If i have to get both I probably will but the bulbs are large so I'd rather just have 1. Which Kelvin?

Unless you think the bulb i've chosen is not wise. I can't do a hanging panel as it's just outside my apartment building on a windowsill. I plan to just put the light outside, so i'll probably have to get it a waterproof light socket and a rain guard.

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