Best JM nurseries in NW Illinois?

bella rosa
July 5, 2019

I'd like to get at least one to plant in my semi-shade garden. Preferably a dwarf variety. Any suggestion on local nurseries and dwarf varieties that can survive zone 5b?

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  • stuartlawrence (7b L.I. NY)

    If you're willing to take a 3-4 hour drive I highly recommend Davidsands Japanese Maple Nursery which is in New Berlin, Illinois. I don't live near there but I mail ordered from them and the quality of the Acer's I received was superb. Link to the nursery's website. If the drive is too long for you then they could most likely ship the plants to you. You can check with them about that.

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  • ctgardenguy

    I agree re Davidsan's Japanese Maple Nursery.

  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    I've never had a need to do mail order - just too many growers of JM's in my area and they are sold everywhere - but I have visited the Davidsan's website often and the information they provide is top quality and very accurate. If their trees are anywhere near as good as their website, then I would endorse them as well :-)

  • Mens Tortuosa(5b Omaha, NE)

    If you're ever near Chicago, stop by Gethsemane Garden Center. I've never been there, but it looks amazing. I will also recommend Davidsan's. One tree I think you should check out is acer japonicum 'Fairy lights'. It is a dwarf weeping laceleaf cultivar that grows upright and narrow for a weeper. A very unique, beautiful and hardy little tree. Another hardy, very pretty dwarf is acer shirasawanum 'Kawaii', and if you don't want a laceleaf tree, take a look at acer palmatum 'Ryuzu'.

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  • Vivian_2010 IL 5a/b

    Not sure where you are located. There are a few garden centers carry a decent selection of Japanese Maples, most the trees are the more common types.

    whispering hills nursery in cary, IL

    Chalet in Wilmett, IL

    Country side in crystal lake, IL

    Most of my trees come from mail orders since local places don't carry them. Some offer large size for good price. Davidesan's is a good place. Whitman Farms (need to call), Sooner plant farm, are very good online sources.

    I am in Northern IL, Zone 5. Below are the cultivars work for me planted in ground, and survive the last polar vertex. Most of them are dwarf for our zones. Most of them are planted close to house or other more sheltered places. Shirasawnum and Japonicum are better for our zones. But some of the Palmatums are doing ok for me for the last few years.

    Accer palmatum Red Dragon, very hardy

    shirasawanum Autumn Moon, very hardy

    palmatum Shaina, very hardy

    palmatum Fireglow, Very hardy

    shirasawanum Aureum, very hardy

    palmatum Elizabeth, very hardy

    palmatum Bewley's Red

    palmatum twombly's red sentinel, very hardy

    Linearilobum Beni (Y)Ubi Goha, very hardy

    palmatum MIKAWA YATSUBUSA, need winter protection

    palmatum Shin Deshojo

    japonicum Fairy Lights, very hardy

    palmatum Tsuma gaki, very hardy

    palmatum Katsura

    palmatum Amber ghost

    palmatum Summer Gold

    palmatum Sister Ghost

    palmatum Ukigumo, hardy

    palmatum Hupp's dwarf , hardy

    palmatum Beni Hoshi (Ruby star)

    shirasawanum Moonrise , hardy

    palmatum Purple Ghost

    shirasawanum Jordan, hardy

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  • indianagardengirl

    Vivian, as another zone 5 gardener I really appreciate your list and comments. Thank you!

  • Vivian_2010 IL 5a/b

    Thanks Indianagardengirl. I learned so much from other gardeners in our area as well.

  • bella rosa

    Thank you everyone for the information. This is SO helpful! I'll definitely check out Davidsans.

    Vivian, what a great list! Thanks so much.

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