I Can't Believe It!!

July 11, 2019
last modified: July 11, 2019

I saw a medium or large, black colored butterfly flying through the kitchen window, so I looked outside the big picture window to see if the black swallowtail was back - she wasn't. Then I went outside to see if there were any red-spotted purple eggs on the small wild black cherry trees that I'm letting grow up - no eggs there. As an afterthought, I checked out the pipevines - eggs!

Here's one cluster -

I've found four clusters so far. These eggs are all red and dark, look fertile. The yellowish eggs I brought from the country have never hatched, obviously aren't fertile.

Hattiesburg has turned out to not be quite the butterfly dessert I had thought it was. There aren't as many butterflies nectaring here as I had in the country, but at least they're here, even if their numbers are smaller. I'm really looking forward to seeing if the MW assassin bugs try to get these or not - if they do, which I suspect they will, then I'll be raising a lot of PVS cats! Even if these cats aren't bothered by predators, I'll raise some myself.


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