Penstemon mildew

July 13, 2019
last modified: July 13, 2019

Are penstemon prone to mildew? I've got some native white ones that are getting mildewed; fortunately it hasn't affected the Dark Towers or Blackbeard ones I have. Wondering if it's just part of the wonky growing season this year, or whether the (Michigan) natives are prone to it - in which case they've got to go.

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  • Jay 6a Chicago

    I think it's probably all the wet weather. The native white ones (P. digitalis) survive in the woods crowded by other plants. Now if it was a western species I'd say they would be prone to mildew. I've tried them. After visiting the west I wanted some of those deep reds and purples for myself, but it was no go in Iilinois. I think the two most colorful native species you can grow here in the east are cobaea and smallii. Anyway, I wouldn't worry. Make sure your Penstemons have good air circulation and aren't crowded by weeds or other plants. Good luck!

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