Sprinkler issues

Mike Pechacek
6 months ago

I am putting in a sprinkler system in my 1/4 acre yard. I had a separate meter put in for the system. I have completed the entire system ( 4 zones, everything rainbird, schedule 40 1" pvc, primed and glued all joints and let them sit for 12 hours). I tied into the separate meter, which when asked what size piping I was using I said 1", but they put 3/4" (nbd, just had to extend 3/4" fittings and some pvc so it would clear the cover base flange in the ground, then step it up to 1". About 4" of 3/4" pipe is all that was required to extend the source. Now that's done I went to turn the valve on the meter to do a pressure test, and I discover there doesn't seem to be a valve at all. Instead, there is a "plastic puck attached to an electric cable of some kind, and a cylindrical black sensor thing that is similar to the actual water main. My question is: Is that something that the inspector will connect, or am I missing some important and expensive "piece," that I can buy at a hardware store?

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