Sprinkler system design

Alexander Galkin
August 6, 2019

I am planning sprinkler system for my front lawn. The lawn is relatively square but separated by sidewalk and walkway.

I plan to run 3/4" PVC pipe from garden hose valve coming from the wall of my house. I ran the pipes underneath the sidewalk and walkway.

I plan to use water hose faucet timer to control the sprinkler system.

I checked the water flow from the valve and I filled 5 gal bucket in 20 seconds.

I have few questions.

Is this system appropriate?

How many sprinklers can I put on one line? Some line will be 45 feet long since I will need to install sprinklers from other side of sidewalk. Do I need to build a manifold near the valve?

What kind of sprinklers do I use?

How many drain valves do I need to install? Is one per each line sufficient?

How do I connect PVC manifold to the hose timer attached to the valve? I could not find any flexible hose that I can use.

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