Planter mix zone A and B?

Just Started(Sydney)
August 14, 2019
last modified: August 14, 2019

Recently I was browsing through some of the gardening supplies sites I was kind of intrigued by this zone A and zone B type of Planter mix.

" The A Horizon (the top 300mm) of a Planter Box Soil Profile needs a free draining, non-slumping material that has a level of organic matter to improve nutrient levels in the soil. "


" The B Horizon (below 300mm) in a Planter Box Soil Profile, needs a free draining, non-slumping material, that has very low organic matter levels. The need for low organic matter exists because below 300mm gas exchange with the air ceases and organic matter will begin producing phytotoxic gases as a result of anaerobic conditions. "

My go to thing has been 511 mix but then none of my pots are more than 30 cm deep. Tempts me to do an experiment of putting 511 mix (made extra drainy with lots of perlite) and compost added potting mix as a top layer.


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