accidentally removed asbestos tile

jeff kinal
August 18, 2019

i had to remove about 100sq of tile in the kitchen. it didn’t dawn upon me until after i had removed all the tile that it might have asbestos. i just got the results back and it tested positive with 10-25% asbestos. the floor was a 1/4” layer of cork board on top with an incredibly sticky vinyl stuck to the 9x9 tiles. i used a circular saw to cut a 1 square foot piece out , no respirator then a week later me and my dad and wife removed the corkboard and pryed up about 1000 staples and used a pitchfork to remove the vinyl and tile backing with no respirator. my question is has anyone removed this stuff without a resparator? should i be worried? as of now there is a 5/8 layer of tongue and groove over the whole floor i had install tp thicken the floor

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