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Just Started(Sydney)
August 19, 2019
last modified: August 19, 2019

So I finally got my hands on a Michelia Alba (well technically it is still on way).

I am planning to put it in 511 mix since it like "well drained" organic soil (only if I got a dollar every time I heard/read it). Well it is getting well drained soil but not anything organic.

Now thing is that it is said it does not like getting disturbed. So should I be putting it in a larger pot to delay the repotting by a year or two? It is expected to be about 70cm tall at time of delivery.

Is it safe to bare root it before putting it in 511 mix?

Also what about dolomitic lime in 511? This one like a bit of acidic soil. I do not want to think too much and add it. Al has already done on the thinking.

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  • michael_c1977

    I ordered a Michelia Champaka in December 2018. When I received it, it was in a small pot 10cm x 10cm with nursery mix. The mix was added around the original rooting mix used to root the cutting (very coarse). Nevertheless I decided to remove all the nursery mix and as much as I could from the rooting mix, reducing breaking roots at a minimum.

    Repotted in a local variation of gritty mix. Michelia spent the winter under lights and in mid-may 2019 went outside, with morning sun only until 13:00. The plant is now fine, growing nicely.

    However, I understand now it is better that a plant be bare rooted & repotted when it's at its best so that it will respond better to this intervention.

    If your Michelia comes in a coarse & fast mix, you can wait until your summer solstice (+/- 15th December) and then do your intervention. 511 is a great mix, I always prepared it according to the recipe, including dolomitic lime.

    My lesson learned is that from now on I will only order my plants, if any, between 15th of May and +/- 15 of July to avoid having to bare root & repot outside the best time of the year.

    Good luck,


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  • armoured

    As a general rule, better to put in a bigger pot so it jashas room to grow. Whenever I have bought potted plants they are usually tightly packed root balls. The sellers use smallest feasible pots for cost and space reasons.

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