Hibiscus genetics

CasaLester RTP, NC (7b)
August 20, 2019
last modified: August 20, 2019

Not many varieties of Hibiscus syriacus have blue flowers, so we've been very interested in the cultivar 'Blue Satin' a.k.a. 'Marina'.

Although MBG claims that "this is a sterile cultivar that does not produce viable seed", we decided to try them out and see whether open pollination could result in some crosses that yield viable seeds and possibly more interesting flower colors. In this thread we'll be reporting on the results of this experiment.

Interestingly, MBG says that the flower colors of 'Blue Satin' can range from "deep royal blue to violet-blue", although we have not seen any of the former - but would like them even more than the pale blue form.

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  • CasaLester RTP, NC (7b)

    In January 2017 we used the paper towel/plastic bag method to start 64 seeds collected from an open pollinated local specimen. 7 seeds germinated and 5 seedlings survived. 2 seedlings bloomed already in August 2018:

    This July (2019), one more seedling flowered:

    and side-by-side comparison revealed that the flower was indistinguishable from that of the 'Blue Satin' cultivar.

    The two remaining seedlings have not bloomed yet.

    So we see significant diversity among the flowers of the seedlings: as distinct as pure white and light pink, but also - very interestingly - the original pale violet blue of the mother plant.

  • merkity

    neat - I haven't grown many seeds from this variety yet. but the blue has definitely been a challenge in all hibiscus. I have quit a few seeds from my purple one that need to be grown.

    there is also the pink down the street i need cuttings from..

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