Bugs on New Meyer's Lemon Tree

August 21, 2019
last modified: August 21, 2019

Hey all...This is my first time posting in the citrus forum.2 months ago I took some seeds from some Meyers lemons and had planned on germinating them indoors, here in NC, once we got back from our yearly, 2 week vacation in FL.
Long story short, we were visiting my MIL in Eustice, FL and I visited a Home Depot near there and found some little Meyer's lemon trees on sale for only $13. Very exciting as you can't get any trees even close to that size for under $30 online and they are not sold here in NC except on a few rare occasions. So, I purchased one pot consisting of 2 healthy, full trees. Well, I've been so happy for the past 3 weeks, constantly looking for new grow - I have really been inspecting every little part of this tree very closely for 3 weeks now and have not seen anything crawling, no shiny little scales, aphids, mealy bugs... nothing!
Until today...... over the past 5 days or so the trees have sprouted at least 3 new branches, and today I was looking for flower buds (wondering if they form on new growth) and I noticed 4 little orange spots, like tiny grains of sand, on the upper sides of 2 brand new leaves. I'm out of alcohol, so I dipped 2 Q-tips in nail polish remover and removed them... not even sure if they were insects, they are so tiny. But, when I zoomed in with my camera, they do look like insects.Does anyone know what these could be?
Looks like I need advice to post a photo as well!
But, until then, they are round, pale, translucent orange, with little far-spaced black eyes, black antennae and black legs.

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