What's wrong with my Meyer Lemon Tree?

August 29, 2019

Hi all! Bought this tree (5') a little over a year ago. It certainly had a difficult time adjusting and lost every single one of its leaves, but turned a corner at the end of winter and has finally taken shape. Recently we noticed several leaves developing spots and patches of brown that eventually drop. It started on certain branches but has now spread to all of them. Thought maybe it was getting sunburn but it's not consistent with where the sun hits the leaves. Doesn't appear to be effecting the fruit or new leaf growth (yet). Water every 1-2 weeks depending on how dry the soil is. Feed it Organic Citrus-Tone (5-2-6) every month during the summer. Curious what could be the cause to this, maybe some nutrient it is not receiving. Any insight is greatly appreciated!

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