How Is Your Weather?

September 5, 2019

My weather here in central Indiana has been really nice. Mid 70's and sunny with a bit of breeze again today. How about your weather?


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  • lindaohnowga

    Inland in Georgia we are sunny, 95 degrees and windy at 13 to 17 mph.

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  • gadgets

    Here in my part of OH mine matches yours Sue. I'm loving it.

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  • OklaMoni

    72 at get up time, 93 at present... 4:30PM and ozone alert, combined with high humidity.

    I am soooo ready for fall... but the state fair is about to start, thus, it will stay hot, but it is a sure thing for some rain. ;)

    PS, this is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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  • DawnInCal

    It was a little on the cool side this morning - overcast and misty. The high has been around 65, but the sun came out a few minutes ago (it's 3:18 here) and it's starting to warm up. Feels like it's in the high 60's now.

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  • nicole___

    4;30pm Colorado, Black Forest. It rained hard yesterday afternoon, cloudy, but no chance of rain they say, 83f

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  • glenda_al


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  • functionthenlook

    SW PA the same as yours Marilyn. 70s in the day and 50s at night. Some of the birds have packed up and moved south. The vegetable gardens are pretty much done and the pumpkins are turning orange. Soon the vegetation will prepare for their long winters nap.

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  • DawnInCal

    Returning to add that I'm starting to see signs of fall. The leaves on the tree across the way are starting to turn red, there is a crispness in the air that wasn't there last week and the light has changed; it's softer somehow.

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  • schoolhouse_gwagain

    I had the house open this afternoon to the breezes, but later had to shut it all back up again. It started to get a little chilly! At least I got some fresh air in the house. Might have to start wearing a light jacket soon. I did put long pants on this morning instead of my capris. I'll miss my comfy capris, always sad to pack them away for the season.

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  • Fun2BHere

    High 80's and very humid in southern Orange County, California.

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  • Kathsgrdn

    Hot, in the 80s but has been cooling off some in the nights lately. Fall is coming.

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  • Michael

    A delightful day here. Cool, a breeze and clear skies.

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  • desertsteph

    About 108 at 4 pm today (but that is much cooler than 110-112). they say it'll be the same tomorrow. by Sunday down to maybe 103. Next week we might be down into the double digits for a few days - still high at 98-99. but that is so much cooler to us. We'll see if what they now predict for next week is what we end up with.

    I haven't heard about any incoming monsoon storm on the news yet today. SE of Phx.

    news says 108 Fri-Sat. down to 102 on Sun as rain/storms come in. then a few days in high 90s and then back up to 103 or so. hopefully the worst of the heat is over for the year. I'll be so happy to turn off the a/c and open a window!

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  • patriciae_gw

    We are having beautiful PNW early fall weather. Clear, 53 last night and 70's today. We took a picnic over to the sound. We have had the wettest summer in my memory after a fairly dry winter (when it is supposed to rain) and it is finally drying out for a bit. Going to have a stellar huckleberry season up high.

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  • amylou321

    Nice in the morning. Hot and miserable the rest of the day. Ready for fall ya'll!!!!!!! Bring it on!

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  • Elmer J Fudd

    It's been beautiful. Mid 70s-low80s. It was slightly warmer the past few weeks. It's been a nice summer, perhaps a bit cooler than normal but no rain for months, as is typical. Sept and Oct are often the nicest summer months here.

    I think dawn lives up near Oregon, inland, perhaps at some elevation from the snow she describes in the winter and hundreds of miles north of the Bay Area. The weather is quite different there, as she's described.

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  • DawnInCal

    I'm actually over on the northern Cal coast at the moment and have been since August 1. The weather in the mountains is much warmer than the weather here on the coast at this time of year.

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  • Elmer J Fudd

    Also quite different at the far north coast too. Enjoy your coastal visit.

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  • yeonassky

    Cloudy with a Chance of migraine. DS has been having weather related migraines a lot and I've been getting them intermittently. We always get them when the weather starts to change seasonally.

    The sun came out late this afternoon and heated up the place and gave us some relief. This evening it's cooled down again to 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

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  • Richard (Vero Beach, Florida)

    Dorian dragged a bit of warm air along behind it but considering what it did down south and is doing up north... I sure can't complain.

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  • aok27502

    At the moment, windy and rainy in central NC. Once Dorian goes away, we will return to upper 80s, with isolated afternoon thunderstorms. It's actually been quite pleasant for late August. Usually it's beastly hot.

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  • OutsidePlaying

    Hot and getting hotter Sunday thru Tuesday When it will be in triple digits. This morning is actually nice and low humidity and I am headed outside to trim some shrubs that seemed to double in size in the 2 week’s we were gone. It will be mid 90’s later today.

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  • Raye Smith

    Definitely signs of fall, some of the leaves are starting to change and the trees that drop leaves early are starting to do so. I'll be missing summer long before winter is here...

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  • georgysmom2

    We are getting some of the effects of Dorian now. Some wind, some rain, but nothing intense just yet.

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  • functionthenlook

    Raye, me too. I get depressed just thinking of the months and months of being stuck inside, the coats, hats, gloves, scarfs, and boots. Having to cancel plans because the roads are too bad to travel. Always feeling cold. The only good thing is you don't have shave your legs everyday and all the clothing hides multitudes of sins.

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    Nearly perfect - at least to me - here in the PNW. Maybe mid 70's today and partly sunny. Agree that this summer has been wetter than normal - usually dry as a bone here from July through to mid October - but no significant rain for more than two weeks and I need to water today.

    I am seeing signs of fall in some early coloring of foliage but I can sense or feel it even more. There is a bit of crispness in the mornings and the light has changed, as Dawn notes. I love fall so that doesn't bother me at all :-)

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  • DawnInCal

    Yes, with approximately 840 miles of coastline in California, the weather is bound to vary from north to south and in the middle. Thanks, we are and have been enjoying our time here.

    gardengal, I love fall too. I find myself anticipating the beautiful weather and the fall color that will be arriving over the next several weeks. We can generally count on near perfect weather from mid-September to mid-November. It feels like a reward after suffering through July and August!

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  • Raye Smith

    Function, thankfully the winters here aren't that harsh - I'd be heading farther south if they were!

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  • Lars

    The weather at my house in Coachella Valley (where I am now) is similar to Desert Steph, and it was 110 earlier this week. I'm going back to Los Angeles tomorrow morning, and where I live there, the temperatures are usually mild. Right now, the temperature range there is 82 to 70 degrees, and so it's warmer than usual. September is our hottest month, but it can be in the 80s in January as well.

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  • schoolhouse_gwagain

    Brrrr. I'm not sure what the temp this evening is right now in my part of Northeast Ohio but I'm ready to go get my sweater! It's been a weird day, sunshine then gloom, very overcast.

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  • lisa_fla

    Dorian stayed away! I spent the week emptying the yard, then putting everything back. Great exercise anyway. Hope I don’t have to do it again !

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  • Debby

    I can't wait for summer to start. Oh wait! It's almost Fall. :( We had ONE day over 30C this summer. ONE! We had a few days in the mid 20's. Which is "okay", but for the most part it's been cool and wet. I haven't had to use the sprinkler on my lawn all summer and it's still green, that much wet! BUT: no BC forest fires clouding up the skies here this year, which is a first in years.

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