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Monstera Albo variegata rooting help!

Phoenix Couch
5 months ago

So, Ive spent some time trying to get my hands on a cutting of monstera albo var... but they are so high priced these days! I finally found this little nub - hes got a fantastic root system and had about a half inch leaf section developing when he came to me, and has a bit of growth since then. All was well!
Yesterday I noticed the tip of the new leaf turning brown. Lord help me, I cant fail with this plant!
Its growing under LED T5s (we are working on some windows on the back of the house so everythings under lights currently), soils moist but not too wet. I keep everything misted daily, though humidity is around 50 to 60% indoors here in NC.
Ideas? Suggestions? Think it will make it?

Comments (5)

  • Phoenix Couch

    Heres a photo of the little fella. Very small node cutting.

  • The Silent Seed


    The picture is not present.

    This happens with too much water, or too little humidity. It could also be too close to the light. Without more info, it's hard to narrow it down.

    Sounds like you've done pretty good with it considering the shape it came in.

  • Phoenix Couch

    For whatever reason I cannot get the photo to load. Its pretty close to the light, but this particular light doesnt put out a lot. Its registering 2k on the lux. Ive been worried its too little, but we currently have thr backside of the house under construction, so my bright windows arent accessible.

    Trying this photo again....

  • The Silent Seed

    Sorry - don't know how to help you with the picture. (Didn't come up again.)

    I'm not knowledgable about the numbers, etc, associated with lights - all I know is that my leaves start to burn when they get close to my regular T12 strip lights from Home Depot.

  • Yuri Claro

    Sometimes new growth in not well-estabilished plants can come up brown or a little deformed. Maybe water a little less, your humidity is good for monstera without the misting also. Here they grow all year round, even in the dry winter. Also, your plant is variegated, so, it is prone to leaf burn if exposed to too much light. I too dont understand about lux, but its a thing to keep in mind. Keep an eye open to not overwatering. What is your mix?

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