Pothos Manjula, Jessenia, and Rio / Silver Stripe

The Silent Seed
5 months ago

Hope you guys don't mind my posting it here, but I figure you aroid lovers might be my best bet.

Does anyone have these to trade? I know that Manjula and Rio can be bought online, but thought I'd check here first.

Thanks! Jude

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  • jay

    I don't mind. Look for the June 1, 2018 post/photo here for when I first bought my
    Pothos Manjula:

    Since then the plant has grown about 10 vines each about 2-3 ft and it has become 3 plants. I just gave three 2ft cuttings away and I'm getting ready to cut two 18" cuttings from another plant. This is the mother plant right now:

    But don't let me get your hopes up...I don't know if I'll have time to send something like this in the mail. I've never done it before either. What might you trade cutting/s of it for?

    The marbling has a richer quality than any other Pothos I've seen, but that's my opinion. However, it can burn around noon even if a small ray of dappled sunlight hits it. I had one under an Oak tree that I thought gave full shade but the plant got a few dark brown/black burns on it. Similar situations, some in late afternoon, have resulted in burn marks in the other pups from this plant too. I try keep mine away from any direct sun. Even in morning or evening. In the above photo there is a burn mark on a leaf in the bottom left center.

    This plant does very well in artificial light and thrives in rooms or buildings with not much daylight or indirect sun light. I've never killed one of these but I've killed many golden, marbled, and neon. Not intentionally of course. I think it is better than other Pothos for use indoors and I recommend it.

  • The Silent Seed

    Still looking for Gabby/Cream Splash, and Jessenia.

  • woodnative

    What are you trading or?? I have a long 'Manjula' that I will cut back soon as it summers outside.

  • The Silent Seed

    I have just gotten a Manjula and RIO today, so am not looking for that one anymore.

    My trade list is in my info here. Thanks

  • The Silent Seed

    UPDATE: Manjula and RIO are no longer needed.

  • woodnative

    Jude I do not see your trade list above(?) or in your profile(?)

  • The Silent Seed


    I had copied and pasted my list somewhere in my profile, but now I cannot find it.

    Could you tell me how to do it properly?


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