Carpenter bees chasing away Monarchs.

September 10, 2019

I've noticed very few Monarch cats on my milkweed (It is interspersed with my Argentine Skies Salvia) I noticed a few Monarchs flitter in and get promptly run off by those little #&@%#$s!

I had spot sprayed them with 10% pyretherin earlier in the year, but didn't want to spray due to the numerous honey and bumble bees and butterflies.

I got a "air soft" gun that shoots plastic bbs and started blasting the little buggers at point blank range. They're very brazen and you can move the barrel to within an inch or two without them fleeing. I offed about a dozen the first day and about 8 the second day. Works great, just be careful where you aim! I shot my bare foot and it didn't break the skin or leave much of a mark and didn't hurt much, but it would be very bad if you got hit in the eye (You'll shoot your eye out!)

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