The Alnwick Rose

September 15, 2019

The Alnwick Rose (Alnwick Castle, AUSgrab), a shrub rose bred by C. H. Austin (UK, 2001) and introduced in 2001 (UK). The pink blend cupped blooms have moderate, old rose fragrance. I think it has the best old rose fragrance. On top of that, the rose is very healthy and repeats well in my garden. Helen

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  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Helen, I love this rose and your photos of it. I'm especially impressed with The Alnwick Rose's growth form in the pot--just perfection. Do you trim it a lot to get that lovely plant shape? How is Alnwick's repeat compared to Boscobel's (if you grow it)? Thanks, Diane

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  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Well the Alnwick rose is very photogenic

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  • katyajini

    Lovely, just lovely! How do you do it, make everything so perfect and beautiful?

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  • katyajini

    and I second nanadoll's q!

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  • Lisa Adams

    What beautiful pictures of The Alnwick Rose! Yours is looking so lovely. I third nanadoll’s question about pruning it to such a perfect shape. I have this rose as well, and it grows very upright and narrow. It’s not a tall grower from me, about 4’ tops, but quite narrow. I’ve had it at least 5 years on Dr. Huey, so it’s a mature plant.

    I’m also wondering what your temperatures have been. I mainly consider my Alnwick a cool season rose, because its blooms are tiny, few petaled, and blow immediately during the summer. I keep it because it’s so beautiful during the cooler months, and its narrow habit doesn’t take up much space in the border.

    Yours is absolutely beautiful. Mine really only looks near what yours does in the early spring. Just lovely! Lisa

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  • Lisa Adams

    Diane, my Alnwick repeats quite frequently, but I wish it wouldn’t bother at this time of year. Helen’s blooms are incredible! They look nothing like mine do during the hot, dry summers. Lisa

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  • bayarea_girl

    Diane, I didn't do any special trimming for The Alnwick Rose, it's just a very well behave rose. I have a young Boscobel, and they repeat at about the same rate.

    Kristine, I agree. DA roses are always graceful in photos.

    Katyajini, tricks of the trade before taking a pic: remove anything you don't want to see in your final pic (yellow diseased leaves, bugs (if you don't like bugs), a dirty garbage can in the background...) You can always photoshop things out but it's faster using the first method :)

    Lisa, the weather in my area is getting cooler. We sometimes have a few days 90+ but then it gets cooler to 75 - 80+ after. Helen

  • Ingrida

    Superb looking photos of a lovely rose and perfumed too :>) Thanks for sharing.

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  • HalloBlondie (zone5a) Ontario, Canada

    Another great photo presentation of a beautiful rose! Your's looks great. Was yours a good bloomer from the start? Or did it take time to establish? I'm asking because mine is growing well for it's first year, but the blooms have been sparse compared to other newly planted roses. Hoping it improves, because the blooms it did have were stunning.

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  • bayarea_girl

    HalloBlondie, mine is a good bloomer from the start. It's in a big pot. If yours grew well the first year, but the blooms have been spare, how about give it some fish emulsion to see if it helps. Helen

  • loobab

    If this isn't the best way to spend my few minutes of break from work, I just don't know what is!

    What gorgeous photos, they gladden my heart!

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  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    Mine had no roots in March 2019, and is now on it's third flush starting.

    What a brave recovery from gopher damage. The full body shot will only post sideways.
    I'll replant it this week and hope the gophers stay away.

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