Adding Potash to Lawn DIY

September 30, 2019

Hello, this is the first year investment on my lawn which used to be just a field. So far i have much of the weeds gone via burning, and DIY liquid formulas. I have a bahia lawn and it needs some potash for the fall. There are two sections of lawn, each is approx 1500 square feet (15x100).

I have watched some vids and i have decided that i might as well invest in a $35 walk spreader as i will be treating the lawn, and bugs, and fire-ants as well so i might as well invest in one.

The problem is that i dont have a compost pile yet, and potash is very expensive and i cant afford to spend upwards of $75 bucks for potash treatment. Bahia only really needs potash if anything as it is very tolerant and strong, but i want to give it some help since this is my first year and its alittle stressed.

Can i make my own potash, is there something that is NOT labeled fertiizer that is mostly potash. I feel if the label has the word fertilizer you pay for that.

What can i do on a DIY budget level to get some potash into my lawn for the fall?

Thanks :)

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