Flooring color for maple brown kitchen

Annie R. U OK?
October 9, 2019

Hi guys,

I just purchased a home and I am having the hardest time deciding which floor color I should go with. I recently painted the walls a light grey like in the second photo and swapped all the lighting with canned lighting with bright white LEDs. I still think the kitchen is too "orange" especially the matching current flooring. I want to go with a grey flooring maybe a restored wood version. I'm just worried the grey flooring will clash with the granite and the maple brown cabinets. The photo shows my kitchen and the second photo is the flooring I'm interested in. Please let me know what you guys think. Thank you!

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  • eam44

    Your cabinets are orange - grey floors are not going to change that, they will just clash a bit. That's why the image of grey floors is shown in a grey room.

    If you want to lessen the overall orange in the room, consider staining the floors a darker brown. The floors in the image below appear to be a dark cherry - I would even go walnut.

  • SJ McCarthy

    Your entire kitchen (all 7 elements) are based on warm tones. The cabinets and the floors are a PERFECT MATCH (wow!!! Lucky you!!!). Your counters READ brown (no gray reading from 10 ft away = your photo distance).

    Your backsplashes (both of them) READ creamy peach (tumbled limestone or travertine look). The lighting and light fixtures are set up for warm. The black appliances do well in a warm space (no stainless steel to bring in 'gray').

    So. What you have NOW (painted walls) is 1 of 7 elements read cold. That's not enough. Even if you change your lighting that = 2 of 7 elements read cool. Still not enough.

    To get the COLD PALETTE that you want you will need to change EVERYTHING except the counter tops. The counter tops can stay. They will change their tune once you have 6 of 7 elements reading 'cold'.

    And no I'm not kidding. You need to add GRAY cabinets (or white at least) with GRAY (black or white or blue) flooring to get this room to 'read' cold.

    If you look at the photo, you have 99% of the 'view' turning up warm. Even if you painted out the walls to a soft gray, you have only changed the statistic to 90% warm.

    You need 70-80% of your space to turn COLD before you will reach a 'cool' palette. If you think that the cabinets + backsplash make up 70% of the wall space, you can see why the floors won't make a darn bit of difference.

    You can start to cool down the warm wood but adding in a deep green counter top (green slate or green soap stone) with a cold brown (green undertones should do it) back splash and then darker cold-brown floors (green undertones) and you will get a little closer to your cold tones.

    So long as you leave those cabinets there, you will always have 60% of your space reading 'warm'. You will change EVERYTHING ELSE (flooring = $$$$$; Counter tops = $$$; backsplash = $$; Appliances = $$$; paint and lighting = $$) and you will STILL have a warm kitchen.

    Paint the cabinets, purchase a new counter top and refinish the backsplash and then see what is left. It is much cheaper than redoning an entire house full of hardwood.

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  • Olychick

    What you have now is pretty nice as well as timeless. The inspiration pic shows floors that are very trendy and will be dated next week, if not before. Gray has come and gone and warmer colors are on the upswing again. It would be a shame to ruin that perfectly wonderful kitchen and floor.

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  • Annie R. U OK?

    Thank you guys for the advice!!

    What if I leave that floor color in the kitchen and replace the carpet throughout the house with a different color floor? Would it look tacky having different color floors in kitchen and living room?

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I love gray but not that floor with those cabinets and honestly the wood floors you have are pretty timeless and I would match the new floor to the ones you have or go darker for the new floors and have the kitchen ones stained to match.What you need for LED bulbs are ones called daylight or 4000K bright white has a bit of a blue tint which could actually be part of the issue.This pic compares daylight ones with what they call crystal white which might or not be the bright white you have.

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  • calidesign

    Keep the current floor and replace your carpeting with the same floor. The "orange" tone is highlighted with your gray walls. Use a neutral or warm white for the walls instead.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    SJ nailed it. you don't have anything that a cool gray is going to work with. nothing.

    are those floors in the room where you painted the walls gray? Lets see how that looks.

    do you have plans on changing the kitchen? because if you want a cool, gray color palette, then you'll have to redo most of that kitchen.

    it's easier to pick different color floors.

    what's wrong with just refinishing the oak floors that you have? why would you rip those out for the cheap, gray laminate?

    does the same wood flooring run under the carpet?

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  • Michelle

    Sorry if I'm of no help, but I think your kitchen looks lovely as is. I actually wouldn't have painted the walls grey. A warmer color would look nicer. If you really want the grey look I'd start with painting the cabinets.

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  • Jora

    I'd leave floor, cabinets & countertops/backsplash all in place.

    Change the wall colors to a soft white (B.M's White Dove), swap out the kitchen handles, and put in new lighting.

    You'd be amazed how much different your kitchen will look with just those few things changed.

    Annie R. U OK? thanked Jora
  • Annie R. U OK?

    The current floor is only in the kitchen, I have carpet in the next room with just plywood underneath and the opposite room there is cream ceramic tile but it was installed poorly as the grout is uneven and higher in other parts.

    I will take a photo and upload the current paint color.

    I appreciate your help guys, I am now rethinking the set up. I almost made a costly purchase...yikes.

  • chocolatebunny123

    My sister's kitchen is very similar to yours with maple cabinets and a similar color floor. Her appliances are stainless though.

    She went with a dark color on the walls and it looks stunning. She thinks it is BM Wrought Iron. I'm not sure if that particular color would work with your counters and backsplash, but going dark on the walls may give you the cool effect you're looking for. My sister also has a black table and chair set.

    I really like what you have now, so I agree that you don't need to change the floors. There are some model homes near me and they're showing the warm woods again.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    I'd redo your oak floors in the kitchen, and pick whatever else you like for the other rooms.

    Or, why not see if they can find matching oak planks to match your kitchen and have the other parts redone? then you can sand and stain them all at once

    you could find a shade that works w/the wood tones in the kitchen. (unless you plan on painting those some day??)

    I noticed you don't have any recessed lighting in the kitchen? would be a good idea to invest in that and bring in some good light, in the 4000K range.

    By upgrading your lighting (even your bulbs in the table fixture could be casting yellow light) you'll lose those yellow tones.
    getting rid of the green paint in the kitchen will also make a huge diff.

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