Unknown Cybister x Papilio

Julie Wignell
5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

A couple of years ago I bought this cybister cross. At the time the photo provided made out that the flowers were huge. I was most impressed. I received my tiny bulb, and with care and a couple of years, I have my first bloom.

And it's not what I expected! Although very cute, it is tiny !

I suppose the angle of the lens in the original photograph was to blame, but I never dreamt it would turn out to be so small. But it is growing well, and appears healthy, so lucky in that regard.

Maybe next year it might be a little bigger.

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  • Fred Biasella

    You know what they say...good things come in small packages :-))) I think it's a beautiful little "mini" and who knows, maybe next year it'll turn into a behemoth. Either way, congratulations!!!

    BTW, I love your growing area, it looks like paradise.

  • popmama

    I love the green on the petals. I have a weakness for green flowers.

  • Julie Wignell

    Thanks, Fred. The growing area is made up of an eBay-bought dog run frame, with greenhouse film over the roof. It works well in my situation as I only need to protect the plants from the worst of the summer heat and the occasional rainy period. I noticed that over the last few years we had weeks of rain around the flowering period, and this made a real mess and ruined the newly emerging flower spikes as well as causing havoc with red blotch. So disappointing. This is a good cheap solution for me. I'll keep an eye on my "mini" cybister and see what happens next year. Small is still good, it was only that the expectation was so different!

  • Julie Wignell

    Thanks, popmama. I also have a fondness for green in flowers, and always find it so appealing!

  • jstropic (10a)

    Julie, your "little one " is beautiful!!! Yes second year bloom can be larger but regardless, it's really lovely.

    Julie Wignell thanked jstropic (10a)
  • Julie Wignell

    ........I'm sure you are right, and hopefully the true size will show the next time round. It will be interesting to see - I'll update then. A last couple of photos.........

  • Fred Biasella

    Yup...still gorgeous :-))))

    Julie Wignell thanked Fred Biasella
  • PRO
    Bulb in A Box

    Julie, I must admit - this is gorgeous!

    Julie Wignell thanked Bulb in A Box
  • berkeleysgr8

    I wonder if this is papilio x Chico? The flower shape certainly leans in the direction of Chico. I think this is a GORGEOUS flower!

    Julie Wignell thanked berkeleysgr8
  • PRO
    Bulb in A Box

    To me it looks a bit like Lima

  • catsandhippies

    I think Lima is much darker, more burgundery. And less Papilio, more cybister... But your cross really is gorgeous, Julie!

    Julie Wignell thanked catsandhippies
  • PRO
    Bulb in A Box

    Can you imagine I dreamed about crossing Lima? How insane that is! And today I have got the 2nd bulb, plus Jungle Star

    Julie, I completly agree to what Anja wrote above

    Julie Wignell thanked Bulb in A Box

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