Winterizing the lawn sprinkler system

Wil Haines
3 months ago

I have a compressor and 3/8" hose and 3/8" connectors that will support at least 60 PSI continuously (run at just above 40 PSI presently). My hose length from the compressor to the underground connections is about 40 feet. The longest run underground is about 130 feet. I understand that running air at a high (90) PSI not only exposes the possibility of burning sprinkler heads, but it also may cause air to run on top of the water in the line thereby fooling oneself into thinking the line is pretty much moisture free when water may still be lying in the bottom of the line. I believe running at 40-45 PSI will more likely blow the line clean, but eventually the pop-up heads drop. My question is: with (hopefully) no water remaining, will the pop-up heads retract when sufficient water is removed or should a higher (50-55 PSI) pressure be applied for a short period of time as a second round of insurance? Thanks for the replies.

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