Hydrangeas accidentally cut to ground

I asked my husband to trim dead stuff in the garden and he trimmed all the hydrangeas down almost to the ground except my oak leaf. Stubs left are about 6 inches.

The varieties are: 2 Twist and Shouts, 1 Endless Summer, 1 Endless Summer type (NOID, given to me), 2 Nikko Blues. I know Twist and Shout is supposed to bloom on both old and new wood.

I normally cage these and fill the cages with leaves to protect the tips. (It’s a lot of trouble and I would not buy non-winter hardy hydrangeas again. Even so, the Twist and Shouts and the Endless Bummer did not bloom anyway. Nice and full, but no blooms) Nikko Blue bloomed beautifully.

Should I cage and cover these anyway, even though they are short? Snow cover here in Zone 5b Chicagoland has been very unpredictable. Last year we got a lot of heavy snowfalls but then it would melt, before the next heavy snow. Thanks.

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