Interesting article regarding the Ring.

Lukki Irish
November 30, 2019

Came across this on my Flip feed this morning and thought I’d share. Sorry, I tried to paste the article but it wouldn’t let me.

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  • 3katz4me

    Interesting - this type of article always makes me wonder what kind of biases the author may have. I don’t care if Ring uses videos of my driveway and front step to fight crime. I don’t care to have someone with my wi-fi password but that is a risk with the IoT and all the wi-if connected devices. I really like my Ring doorbell - very impressed with their installation technology. Also impressed with how efficiently they dealt with a problem I had a year out of warranty - including sending me a replacement device at no charge.

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  • chisue

    What evidence is there supporting a need for these devices? What are you going to do with the information? FEAR sells a lot of things.

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  • amylou321

    Well,after my door was kicked in and one of my dogs was stolen at our old house when we were away for the day i sure wished we had cameras then. That's why we put them up at our new home. The regular dvr cameras and some game cameras for the rest of the property. They have caught strangers lurking around our property and dumping trash, they caught our nightmare of a postal carrier chucking a package and breaking the contents,which she denied fervently until I presented the video, they also allow me to monitor the outside when I am home alone and don't wish to venture out alone in the dark to see what the dogs are barking their heads and tails off at.

    Not to mention the growing scourge of "porch pirates" that we are warned about every holiday season. Not usually a problem where we live now,but for many people it's a risk.

    SO has lots of very expensive equipment,tools and parts for his race cars. And an 18000 dollar zero turn mower. None of these things are covered under my homeowners insurance. I asked. Well,the tools are...

    Cameras can act as a deterrent. And they can aid in bringing criminals to justice. Plus there is nothing wrong with wanting to monitor and protect your home, many people's biggest investment.

    We WANT them. Not strictly need. What's it to those who don't?

    Oh, and the recording that my coworker showed me of her blink cameras were that of some feral cats and other animals that wandered on to her porch and she feeds. It was amusing.

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  • loonlakelaborcamp

    Chisue, so far it saved one of my little dogs because I could see she was stuck outside in the falling snow when there was too much snow for the doggie door flap to swing back into the house. I drove home 6 miles, quickly let her in, shoveled the run and went back to work.

    I've also been able to see when a high value rug was delivered in the rain-popped home before it was ruined.

    I have fallen twice in my yard, once my husband was 3 hours away from home, but was able to call for help. The other fall left lots of bruises to face, arms, and ribs. ER personnel began questioning about look at the Ring feedback showed how I tripped over the dog on to the sidewalk.

    Why did we get the 4 camera video system? Fear, yes. Justifiable concern. One night, at around 3 in the morning, I woke up to flashing lights in my bedroom windows. Since the police cars were in front of my elderly next door neighbor's place, I thought he may be hurt. Since I can't see his front door from my windows, I would normally crack open my front door to look out and see what was happening and see if I could help. Luckily I didn't. The police had chased a car from the nearby town and it hit a parked car on my street. One armed suspect was still in the car (dazed) and the other one had jumped out and was hiding behind my foundation shrubs next to my door. When I looked out my picture window, a police officer motioned me to get back from the window. My husband and I hunkered back for about 10 minutes until a police canine flushed the guy from our bushes.

    Had I stepped out to see what was happening, the police officer said it could easily have become a hostage or home intrusion situation. He recommended cutting the bushes short and getting a video doorbell. Since then I don't have to open the door to strangers, or I can tell friends to wait until I can hobble to the door.

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  • whatsayyou18

    amylou, so sorry about your dog; was s/he ever returned?

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  • amylou321

    Yes. It was a couple of teenagers who stole him and used him for fighting. They happened to go to the same high school as SOs son, and were talking about it. He heard and told us,and we told the police. We got Sammy back, but without video evidence that THEY were the ones who broke in and stole him, all they could be charged with was receiving stolen property. Slap on the wrist in juvenile court. Ridiculous. If we had the video evidence we likely would have gotten him back much sooner,as the kids were trash that were well known to the police. And he wouldn't have had such horrible injuries. It took months before we knew where he was.

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  • Olychick

    I read the title of this thread and thought it was going to be a discussion of Wagner's The Ring of the Nibelung. To which I could not have contributed much either, but was interested to see what others had to say.

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  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    I love my security cameras. With my disability and mobility issues it's a great experience. I don't have to get up and try to make it to the door or to look out the windows. I have the ability to just grab my phone, tablet, or TV and view the video. I can speak to whoever is there. I have seen lots of critters passing through the yard which is fine with us. I can sound alarms. I have some in certain areas inside the house. We can check on Mia when we are away from home shopping. My neighbor across the street recently saw feral pigs in her yard on her Ring. That's bad news and very scary. A local woman was just killed by a pack of feral pigs after she got out of her car and before she could reach the door to the house. I don't use the cloud storage service to their cloud servers. I have individual SD cards in each camera.

    We see lost dogs frequently and often help owners find their dog.

    I don't own any Ring brand. I have YI. I imagine that there could be security leak issues in most of these types of things. I have an Echo it's unplugged and stored in a drawer never to be used again. After they finally admitted to the ability to listen in and that it was happening, I made the decision to put it away. Since I hadn't bought it myself it was an easy decision.

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  • bbstx

    Olychick, I thought it was about The Lord of the Ring.

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  • Lukki Irish

    We haven’t installed anything that can be controlled by our phone, I don’t even know that much about it. I just remembered seeing a few conversations regarding the ring and figured I’d pass it on.

  • chisue

    Thanks for responses. I see these advertised constantly. I can certainly understand why they are useful for some. Best I can tell, I'm in different circumstances.

    DH and I are able-bodied and at home most of the time -- in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Anyone approaching our entry is very visible from inside the house. We don't have to open the door to see anyone. If we were NOT at home and were alerted, it's very unlikely that we or police could get to our house in the few minutes it would take someone to break in, grab, and go. I doubt that photo evidence would deter a burglar who'd have to be caught for it to be of use.

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  • Bluebell66

    I live in a nice suburban area and we have crime like everyone else. Ring (and Nest) cameras have been instrumental in catching many perpetrators. Shared on social media and with police, video has been a great tool to solve several crimes.

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  • maire_cate

    I thought this thread was going to be about 'The Ring' as in engagement rings.

    We had our new HVAC system installed last month and it came with the option for a smart thermostat - either Honeywell or Nest. I picked Nest since I already have one at our vacation place and I can just add it to my app. There was some rebate going on at the same time and they offered us a Nest doorbell and a Google mini too.

    I didn't need either the mini or the doorbell but figured I could always give them to one of my kids. DH had them install the doorbell and I'm surprised that I kind of like having it. We're in an over 55 neighborhood with an exceptionally low crime rate and our front door is off to the side. Anyone driving down the street would not be able to see packages on our porch. But I like knowing if a package is delivered - and I get a little ding on my iWatch and I can retrieve the package before my silly dog starts barking. If I'm away from home I can actually watch a little video of the person at my door.

    We have a security system connected to a central station at both houses - not so much to scare off burglars but because of the other features - primarily the fire and smoke detectors, low temperature signal, the ability to check if the garage door is open or shut, changing the temperature on the thermostat etc. An alarm will probably scare off the casual thief - a professional will have checked everything out and will get in and out before the police arrive.

    I would like to have a camera at our vacation house just so I know how much snow has fallen or if our contractor has plowed the driveway.

  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    I also thought it was the one ring to rule them all!

  • Fori

    I thought it would be about the horror movies.

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    I'm with Oly. I thought it was about the Ring Cycle too.

  • smalloldhouse_gw

    Here's another article about the Ring that I thought was really interesting. Forewarning, it's long and more about the social/political implications of being able to "buy" better security (because Ring is actively partnering with local law enforcement.)

    We have a traditional security system ever since we were broken into one night, while we were at home with 2 small kids. I had been up and down the stairs multiple times in the night because my (then) 1yo had an ear infection. When my husband went downstairs in the morning he thought I'd hidden the TV as a joke. The burglars had not taken too much besides the TV and a bit of cash, but they did go through my purse, hanging in another room, and extracted my small camera with first-birthday photos. We live on a busy street on the gentrifying end of an upscale zip code and the police treated the break-in like a joke. We're just now getting ready for a renovation/addition and once it's done I want to update our security so that we have video. I need to do more research, but I do find some of the concerns raised about the Ring troubling.

  • OutsidePlaying

    I find anything related to cyber security very concerning. The article about Ring security, or lack thereof, is a big red flag to me. Since I worked in a high security environment for and with the federal Government for many years, we had these issues drilled into us all the time And I don’t take them lightly.

    Fear? Nope, it’s for real and you all need to take it seriously when it comes to your personal information, including passwords. It’s great technology, just be careful with it like anything else.

    We have several friends with an Arlo system, which I believe is sold at Costco and probably Amazon too. I personally have not looked into it, but just heard good reviews from them.

  • chisue

    Has 'crime' increased to where people need these things? Do they deliver the security they promise?

    There has been a huge DEcrease in reported crime since the 1990's. Was that only *violent* crime?

    It's always seemed to me that if *I* can access something remotely, so can the criminal. It would be sheer coincidence to have a patrol car close enough to nab anyone after a security system alert from my home. A burglar is in and out in a few minutes. Surely they know how to dodge a doorbell camera. (I recognize the value of alerts about water and temperature -- and break-ins -- when the homeowner is absent.)

    I can see some circumstances where the doorbell device is useful. I just don't believe the fear-mongering -- that everybody needs 'protection' today more than ever, or that these gadgets actually provide it. (They capture what's already happened.)

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Petty crime is way up in my zip code. We are an affluent city of 50k residents at night, many, many times that many during the day. Our streets are very well patrolled, and yet, cars are broken into and packages are taken from our doorsteps. There have even been muggings at our shopping center, to say nothing of a few massive smash and grabs at our Apple and Lululmeon stores. On the flip side, the police are quite effective and determined, so the criminals are often caught. The average response time to a 911 call is less than 2 minutes.

    We have a security system, not Ring, something more tailor made. Our neighbors have systems similar to ours. I suspect criminals prefer houses without any security measures.

  • Fun2BHere

    I had to get a replacement for my doorbell/intercom system when my cable/phone provider changed their equipment. I never wanted a video doorbell, but it was the only option for my situation. I chose the Nest Hello because I liked their access speed better than Ring's. I'm sure that any of the wifi-connected devices are vulnerable, but I don't worry about it too much. I use a VPN when making secure transactions.

    Like @maire_cate, I've unexpectedly enjoyed having the video access. For instance, I like being able to check the weather at my home when I'm traveling...a little thing, but interesting for me.

  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    Crime is massively up all around the area including the gated communities. The video capturing good quality shots of the thieves is extremely useful and does lead to arrest. Every day when we watch the news it begins with a new breaking news story of murder, death in road rage, break ins and shootings. It's increased very quickly. And spreading to areas that not long ago were considered to be a safe place to live.

  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    I had bought a set of the arlo 3 cameras last year on black Friday. I had researched quite a bit and I had settled on arlo. Unfortunately there was a serious problem with the app which you must use to view the cameras. It would stop at a certain point of installation and just not proceed. I Googled the problem, found hundreds of people in the same situation. The company kept promising a fix but they never did. So they were completely not usable. I returned them.

  • chisue

    I looked up crime stats over the years. Pew Research says crime *perception* is way out of line with the facts. This is an October 2019 report covering stats up to 2018. This is what I expected to find. (Maybe someone more adept can link this?)

  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Just checked my city's crime stats, as chisue predicted, they are stable, but higher than I would have thought. You have a 1 in 37 chance of being the victim of a property crime.

  • amylou321

    Chisue, so is there a specific reason you object to people getting these things,paid for with their own money,for their own property? It seems to bother you that people want them. Its odd.

    It's merely a precaution. And it had proved useful to people here, including myself. Having a security system or cameras does not make one some fearful thing cowering under the bed,waiting for the worst. No more than having a fire extinguisher means you fear a fire breaking out or having homeowners insurance means one lives in abject fear of a tree falling on the house. If nothing happens that i need these things, great,no harm. If something happens and i don't, well, too late then. I learned that the hard way with poor Sammy..... That's how I feel about it.

    No one is trying to force you to get them or convince you that you need them. Nobody NEEDS them.If you don't want them fine. If others do, fine.

  • dedtired

    I am more interested in catching the dog walkers who don’t pick up. We’ve had break ins in our neighborhood. One evening someone went from house to house looking for ones where no one was home and broke in, stealing what they could grab fast. Another time someone was obviously watching one house and when they went out during the day, they broke in a back window. The worst was when someone broke into a house during the night while the owners were asleep upstairs, including their young daughter. They found an unlocked window and climbed in, taking purses and anything else from the first floor. It was just awful. Anyone would think this is a lovely, safe neighborhood but break ins happen everywhere.

    the cameras may deter the bad guys from breaking in but now they’ve learned to wear hoodies pulled down. In one supermarket people wearing burkhas were stealing handbags from carts. Where there’s a will there’s a way. I would rather stop them than take their picture, so I have an alarm system.

  • amylou321

    On a more fun use for the cameras, I love catching wildlife. I put a game camera up to see WHAT was lurking around our shed. It turned out to be a mother cat and kitten. I put food out to keep her around. Shes feral but I like to have feral cats in the winter. They kill mice. On the camera I caught possums, raccoons, foxes, a coyote,and a different cat. SO puts corn out for the deer. He enjoys seeing them on the cameras. We have also gotten the FUNNIEST pictures of birds perched on the cameras looking dead into the lens. The neighbor has some groundhogs that live under one of her sheds. We often catch them and their babies on the cameras. It's fun to see what goes on while we are caught up in our own world, oblivious to that stuff...

  • gsciencechick

    I've read good things about the Arlo pro cameras, too, and we are also considering. Lot of positive reviews on our Nextdoor. Would not consider Ring because of the all concerns already outlined. May also consider a local security company.

    Unfortunately, in our area, crime is increasing. Our city is now over 100 murders for the year, the most in almost two decades and almost double last year. As our neighborhood has become more affluent, so has the crime gone up such as car break-ins (most unlocked but some locked) and home break-ins. There is also a major gas station chain at the entrance that has attracted shady people hanging out. I don't go there unless my fuel light is on and only during the day. They used to sell bottles of wine, but they had to stop because too many were getting stolen as the security officer told DH. And the employees are told not to pursue, so people just run in and rip them off all the time. There have been car jackings at gas stations and in "nice" parts of town. It's really out of control, unfortunately. We get monthly crime reports and in the past it was more awareness vs. reality, but the increase is true.

  • IdaClaire

    I hope everyone actually read the article that Lukki shared. The assertions are very disconcerting and something everyone needs to know.

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  • gsciencechick

    Yeah, no Ring and no Alexa in this house!

    ETA And no Ancestry or 23andMe either!

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  • 4kids4us

    gsciencechick, none of that at my house either.

    Dh works in open source intelligence. As a result, he fiercely protects his privacy as best he can. We will always be at risk, but have no desire for Alexa, videocameras, DNA testing, etc. I don’t care what others do, but we won‘t be buying any of it.

    i did read both of the links. Nothing surprising, unfortunately.

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  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Same here, no smart home stuff.

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  • nini804

    Fully dumb here, as well! Lol!!

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  • watchmelol

    I live in California. Voters voted in Proposition 47. One of the unintended consequences was that property crime has become much more of a problem since the enactment of the new law. Why? Because thieves know that they can shoplift, steal personal property,write bad checks, etc. up to the value of 950.00 without fear of prosecution. Police simply don't waste time on misdemeanors. that will barely make it to the courtroom much less gain convictions.

    So now , like Chisue implied, the fear mongers are out selling security devices in the name of safety. Some nights my quiet neighborhood looks like a damn prison yard with all the motion activated lights going off. Those same lights that offer visibility to work by and create shadows hide within for potential smash and grab thieves. The cameras? What a joke. Everyday someone posts pics of porch pirates or smash and grab stuff on NextDoor sites. Haven't heard of one thief caught or prosecuted but "hey we have their picture".

    Break ins are also posted. The punks look straight at the cameras sometimes. Know nobody is going to do anything. A video of just another cloned guy in a hoodie. Positive ID required. Good luck with that.

    Another unfortunate side effect is now with the cameras pointed at the street innocent people in "OMG A strange car drove by" driving down the street find themselves posted on these sites as potential threats to public safety. Driving slowly looking for an address means they are casing. Parking to rest or make a phone call? Drug dealers or human trafficker awaiting prey. The paranoia is real.

    Meanwhile I go about my business. I like it dark. Then I can see if anything is out of place. I resent knowing that my coming and goings are being videoed by the Gladys Kravitzes

    of the neighborhoods. Sure it's public space but really every single time I drive or walk by?

    As far as the murder rate it isn't all that much stranger on stranger. Mostly banger on banger. Most recent was especially tragic. Two young boys in a van were shot gangland style in a school parking lot. They were 11 and 14 years old. At 1:30 in the morning. It has been determined by the police that the van was driven there by the 14 year old. The media reports that gang activity is just a possibility. "The poor babies. They were just babies". There is a go fund me page for the "babies." Their pictures are on the page, flashing gang signs and holding fanned out cash. The Go Fund Me is for funeral expenses for the "babies", innocent boys who had a whole future in front of them. They want a whopping 120,000 to bury them. Sure nothing sketchy here.

    I am truly sorry for those kids. They should be alive. They were just kids. Too bad no one could help them stay out of trouble. But either they or someone put them there. This was not some random act violence. Has zero to do with personal safety of regular people out and about.

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  • IdaClaire

    Except that you're not fully dumb since you likely have a computer and a phone or two and probably more than one smart TV, and those seemingly innocent devices constantly track your activity. Info is surely gathered on us as we participate here as well. To what end? The least of it is in targeted advertising and media. The worst of it all? Time will tell, but we are wise to be concerned. These are measures of monitoring and control that are already playing out in our lives. Be alert.

    I don't consider myself a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, but I do believe that the once unthinkable in this country is now a reality with increasingly alarming implications.

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  • Michael

    Columbus Ohio Crime Stoppers posted a video of a man robbing a drug store overnight. So we're looking for a man, about 25 to 30 years of age, dressed in a red Ohio State Buckeyes hoodie. LOL

    That's an easy find!

  • IdaClaire

    As heard on NPR this morning, this Mozilla Guide to "Creepyness" Factor provides consumer feedback to help others shop for "safe, secure connected products" (note the caveat catchphrase, "*privacy not included").

  • chisue

    My interest is in how much of this is orchestrated paranoia, and how fear affects society while deflecting attention from actual dangers.

    These 'security' devices seem to me to be products in search of a problem. The vendors have vested interest in inflating an already overblown fear of crime. I don't see that the products have measurable effect fighting crime, but the ad campaigns do increase a false public perception about the incidence of crime -- while detracting from what IS effective in fighting crime.

    Advertising has shaped the world. People weren't concerned about 'halitosis' or 'ring around the collar' or neon-white teeth -- until we needed to be sold remedies.

  • smhinnb

    I live rurally and am home alone 60% of the time. There have been a lot of break-ins / property crime in my area. We installed an Arlo Pro system earlier this year (5 cameras, one on each side of the house and one facing the front of the garage - all outdoors). I am beyond thrilled with it. It does take some time and playing around to get the camera sensitivity just right. For awhile, one of my cameras would alert everytime the school bus went by. I never imagined the increased peace of mind it would give me. In the past, a few times at night I've been woken up by a noise, or whatever, and lay there listening in the dark.... now I can either access my cameras to check things out, or I can just go back to sleep - - because I know if there was someone or something around my house an alert would have triggered on my phone.

  • patl8

    I have the Zmodo doorbell and when it alerts I can look at it and talk to whoever is there if I want. I think that might scare off someone approaching my house with a nefarious purpose. They wouldn't know if I was in the house or not. My main use is to see when the grandkids get there after school, packages are delivered or someone at the door when I am downstairs and can't hear the doorbell ring. I find it very useful for things other than crime-fighting.

  • jane__ny

    I've had a ring doorbell for a few years. I love it and love that neighbors can post their videos of suspicious people showing up at their door. Neighbors post their videos to warn others in the neighborhood. The 'neighborhood watch' is private because it does not give the homeowners address or name. I think it is very helpful.

    Frankly, I'm glad to read the police are involved because...why not?? Someone in our neighborhood posted this week of a creepy guy ringing her doorbell at 10:30pm. He was acting weird in the video, waving at the camera, talking to himself or someone you couldn't see. He kept pacing and now was banging on her door.

    Watching the video, it became apparent he was holding a gun. I hadn't noticed it right away but some of the people commenting noticed it.

    The homeowner called the police but he ran away before they arrived. However, they got a good look at his face from the video and are looking for him

    If the police were involved, who cares. They didn't show up until the homeowner called 911.

    I really don't understand why the article is making a big deal about it. I'm actually glad they have access to the feed of the video (if that is true). The idea is security. I have nothing to hide and would feel comfortable having the police have access.

    Much ado about nothing!

  • IdaClaire

    Obviously not everyone believes that having "nothing to hide" is a valid reason to forego one's privacy rights. There is validity to concerns over what we collectively give up to government and corporate control. If that's simply not a worry to you, fine. But please don't dismiss the way that others view this issue. It does matter to many of us.

    Injustice, abuse of power, mass coercion and control... these things are very real in the big picture, largely due to technological advances that we have all willingly invited into our homes, and we walk an extremely fine line as never before.

  • Michael

    I just finished serving as a juror and a phone camera (22 second video) was the definitive evidence that kept the defendant out of jail. He was charged with assault. The camera showed he was defending himself.

    Not Guilty!

    I bet the plaintiff now hates smartphones.

  • jane__ny

    I don't know about anyone else, I don't have my ring doorbell inside my house, in my back yard. It videos anyone coming to my door. Doesn't see the street nor my driveway (wish it did but I have a wall on the side of my entry.

    I wouldn't have cameras inside my house but have been thinking about cameras in my back yard.

    The ring camera is only triggered by movement. It goes on when someone moves within the short range of the camera. It does not go on with cars on the street or people walking on the street. Even if it did, that is public space. The Country could have cameras on the telephone poles, for all I know. Frankly there are cameras everywhere.

    I just paid a 'red-light ticket' my husband got by making a left on a steady red light...$158.00. He swears the turn signal was yellow. I went online and viewed the video and it was clearly red. Guilty.

    I guess you could call that a privacy issue?

    Another point. I read the article. Who is Gizmode?

    I never heard of them.

    . A simple Google search describes the website, Gizmodo as:

    " Gizmodo (/ɡɪzˈmoʊdoʊ/ giz-MOH-doh) is a design, technology, science and science fiction website. It was originally launched as part of the Gawker Media network run by Nick Denton, and runs on the Kinja platform. Gizmodo also includes the subsite io9, which focuses on science fiction and futurism. "

    Hummm, a Science Fiction website. Interesting....

    The bottom line, the camera is not inside my house recording 'whatever.' It is at your front door. It records people coming to your door.

    If you are involved in something shady, maybe you wouldn't want anyone to see who comes to your door. From my research, they cannot share anything with the police unless you give permission (privacy laws).

    I paid $100.00 for a one of the best items I ever spent money on. I like getting alerts when I'm not home, I like seeing who is ringing my doorbell. I like getting an alert when a package is left at the door. Anyone who comes to my door would be visible from my windows if I looked out. I don't see a difference between my eyes or the doorbell camera.


  • amylou321

    Yes that is disturbing. But to be honest, my first reaction was: Why is there a camera in an 8 year old girls bedroom? If you have to watch your kids sleeping even though their father is home with them, something is seriously wrong.

  • rob333 (zone 7a)

    amy, I took it as she was worried something could happen anywhere in her house, but worried most about her daughter. How many videos are out there with home invasions on them? It's a sad world we live in.

  • Michael

    If people would learn to implement the security features of the home network, you'd rarely hear of a hacked anything inside the home. Router and password security can be your friend.

  • FlamingO in AR

    After living out in the country for nearly 30 years with no problems (except for that one time when two guys with a wrecker came down the driveway and decided to try to steal my husband’s truck. Fortunately, he was home and stopped them) we have been hearing more and more about home break-ins and burglaries in our area, even a murder, so we’ve had security cameras installed and they record but they are not hooked up to Wi-Fi. We have a sign saying that we have video surveillance and I like to think of it as a deterrent and also that if there was a break-in, we have a better chance of somebody getting caught for it. It just gives me a little peace of mind when we both have to be gone from the house at the same time.

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