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When you say “dickie,” I see

But, apparently, some of the wonderfully layered looks I’ve been seeing may have actually been dickies.

I have just discovered that this brand sells gorgeous jackets with dickies that go under them. There are sweatshirt dickies, cashmere sweater hoodie dickies, jeans jacket dickies, that I have found. All this time, I’ve been wondering why the women who wear this don’t look like the Michelin Tire Man. Sometimes I feel so provincial!

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  • Springroz

    I always think of uniform pants.....

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  • 3katz4me

    Ya, I was thinking of the pants too.

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  • jojoco

    They were a thing when I was in high school. Or (hopefully) maybe it was junior high. Anyway, dickies under oxford’s.

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  • bpath reads banned books too

    Does the dickey coat mean all the layers are built in? I have a sweater like that, and it was interesting going through airport security once when they wanted me to take off the (not-a-)cardigan.

    Ooh, now I’m remembering Bruce in 3rd grade, I had such a crush, and he wore turtleneck dickeys. Sigh.

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  • Oakley

    Bpath, go HERE and scroll down a bit and you'll see what the dickey's look like. I clicked on one of the coats and they don't come with a dickey but are made so a dickey can be worn.

    The price for a dickey is ridiculous. Are we supposed to wear something under the dickey in case we get hot?

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  • IdaClaire

    I wore them in junior high school, and maybe in high school too - although by then I think they had developed a reputation of being patently uncool.

    The sweatshirt dickey under what appears to be a dressier jacket just looks odd to me. Like you just came from the gym, but got cold.

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  • martinca_gw sunset zone 24

    I would like a tee shirt dickie to wear under deeper V neck sweaters.

    A collar can be nice with a plain round neck as well. I wonder if they lay smoothly. Not worth a ‘ridiculous’ price , however.

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  • maddielee

    Who knew there were so many kinds? Check out the prices.

    ...and this leather one, more expensive $182.00 CA

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  • happy2b…gw

    I have always liked the look of a blouse under a pullover sweater, but I tend to be uncomfortable wearing that combo now. I think I will shop for a dickie and see if I find anything tempting.

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  • bpath reads banned books too

    Oakley, so basically just a jacket. You could wear nothing, a dickey, a tank, a tee, a camisole.

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  • bbstx

    I just wrote a post that totally disappeared! Trust me, you would have been enthralled reading it. HA!

    The Veronica Beard website shows a plaid jacket with a pink leather dickey over a white tee. So, yes, you can wear a shirt or blouse under the jacket and dickey. (Are 90s shoulder pads coming back?)

    The construction of the dickey is specific to wear with these jackets. See photo below with upper chest buttons and side zippers pointed out:

    Looking at their website, I found that the designers of this line live in Dallas. I’m wondering if the dickies are an attempt to give women in Dallas the layered look without the warmth. Fall in Dallas can be quite warm. I was at an outdoor wedding in late September one year and it was 120 degrees! I kid you not!

  • Jinx

    You can buy Cousin Eddie’s dickies:


    This review! He’s even got the shoes. :D


    bbstx (talking about warm winter) — I just came in from cleaning up some beds and am so sweaty. It’s 70-something and the humidity is 283 percent. Well, it feels that way. How is this January?!

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  • IdaClaire

    Why am I suddenly thinking of Bugs Bunny as conductor? Didn't his shirt (or dickie, or whatever it is) roll up like a window shade in at least one of the cartoons?

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  • bbstx

    Jinx, I have a neighbor who has the Cousin Eddie get-up. Every Christmas they have an egg-nog party. They serve it out of the reindeer cups! It is really crazy!

  • lakeaffect

    Back in the day my mother “made” dickeys for my sisters and me by cutting the arms and torso area off of turtlenecks she bought at the thrift shop. Pro tip, if you are making a dickey, you can buy clothes a size or two small, cuz they only have to fit at the neck ;-)

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  • 1929Spanish-GW

    I have a fabulous Chanel sweater that comes with its own dickey - actually it came with two. Not sure of the exact date but it's between the late 90's and mid-2000's. It also has patch pockets!

    Two of my favorite things are patch pockets and pick stitching. Oh, and if you read the other post - blazers and shirts. Oh, and shoes....lots and lots of.... I will stop now.

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  • dedtired

    Gosh I haven’t thought of dickies in ages! Forgot about them. I do remember wearing them in grade school but definitely not in high school. I don’t like wearing a sweater over a blouse, so maybe I should go looking for some dickies.

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  • lulu bella

    I remember wearing them in junior high and high school, and even I think a bit later on with crew neck sweaters. It was a nice splash of color framing the face. It was way more comfy than having to deal with the long sleeves under a sweater. They were all knit turtlenecks

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