Lighting help in office/play area flex room

2 months ago

Currently we have an approximately 12' x 20' (8' ceilings) space that serves as an office space and kids' craft/homework/play space. The only lighting in the room is a 4-bulb 52" ceiling fan. I am planning on adding in some recessed lighting to help. I just want to make sure that this would get me enough light while minimizing the strobe effect from the fan. I plan to use the spring clip loaded slim led fixtures, that don't require the can. Is 4" or 6" more desirable in this situation? The 4" is 650 lumens and 6" is 850 lumens. Would 4000K give an appropriate lighting color for the use of the space?

The current ceiling fan light gives me 3200 lumens (approx.). 8 more 4" recessed fixtures would add on 5200 lumens. That is equivalent to roughly 35 lumens/sq ft. Or I could go 6" fixtures for about 41 lumens/sq ft and put them on a dimmer.

Input? Thanks!


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