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Question about seeds

Nate Chasteen
20 days ago

Posted byu/sroguejust now

Possible to harvest seeds from these?

I was wondering if anyone out there could answer a question for me. I am looking to plant and harvest a couple of vegetables that my wife likes to eat and aren't available always in the local grocery store. She has to go to an Asian market typically to get them. They are a long purple variety of eggplant and a bitter melon, it looks like a bumpy and wrinkled cucumber and I think it is also called Momordica Charantia.

Since these vegetables are picked before being over-ripened, would I be able to obtain viable seeds from them? Can I purchase one of each of these vegetables and let them sit on the counter and continue to ripen to the point that the seeds are viable or would I have to let them sit on the vine until this happens?

I've never tried procuring seeds from either of these kinds of fruit/vegetables and just wondered if anyone with more knowledge could enlighten me. Thank you.

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