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Is my Dioscorea Elephantipes dormant or rotting?

Alexis .
18 days ago

this little plant was fine a week ago.

but then i noticed it was very loose in it’s soil mix. It came up with ease.

Any help?

Comments (4)

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5

    As long as it is not soft, replant it, wait a day, and water well. If your plant is in the northern hemisphere, this plant should have foliage now as it’s in its growing season.

  • tanpexoctics Willis

    If it was in leaf week ago it was needing water regularly

    I have had them look swiverled up and start watering them and they swell back up

    It however looks like it doesn't have any viable roots to take up water

    Sometimes they send out a weak vine and keep it for months and the caudex just swiveral up

  • Rob Blomquist

    I agree with Cactus, I would wash the dirt off the tuber, and I would pot it in a good fast draining mix, like 50% potting soil and 50% pumice or perlite.

  • Kara 9b SF Bay Area CA

    For the future when these guys have vines and actively growing they need water as soon as the mix is dry. Especially when small like this. I’m sure the big guys can go awhile without water, but not the little dudes;).

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