Need suggestions for evergreen hedge near maple trees

11 months ago

I'm having trouble posting, so this question may show up in who knows where.

I need an evergreen hedge in a partially wooded (deciduous) area. The area has no new growth and older trees are dying. While one cause of the lack of growth is periodic drought, I’m not convinced that’s the only reason. The area abuts a neighbor’s woods that has a lot of maples. Thus, there’s a possibility of allelopathy from those maples. No black walnut trees around there.

Other sections of my woods have eastern red cedar and pines growing amidst various hardwoods, but very few maples. The American holly and arborvitae that I planted in those other sections are doing ok.

Should I risk planting more holly and arborvitae? I need at least a dozen plants, so the cost is significant for me. Any other tall evergreens, preferably native, for part shade?

Is there anything I can do to negate the effects of the maples, if they are the problem?

The would-be hedge is for protection from potential commercial development.

Any other reason for lack of growth?

Zone 7a-ish, east Tennessee.


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